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Dear Olivia

We’re back in New York now.  Our tour was awesome.  It was really interesting to see the differences in culture between Tibet and China.  We’re still going through our pictures, but I’ll send you a couple in a week or two after we finish processing them.

September 7, 2015

Hi Wonder,

I'm so so sorry!! Last couple of days have been crazy, the person who would be looking after dogs when I'm away just decided to disappear! And over the weekend, I have been frantically trying to find another person to look after my dogs. Also it was Father's Day yesterday in Australia, so I took my dad out for dinner.
I've just done the review online. I wish I can give you 10 stars for your help!! You are just absolutely the best agent I ever found.
Thanks again for organizing the ticket. I'm so sorry again for all of the craziness over the last few days. I'm seriously thinking about changing to a less busy job so I can get my life in order!
Hope you have a good night & looking forward to meeting you one day.

September 7, 2015

Hi Laura,

We had a great time in China and are very pleased with the services received from your company. You were always very attentive and responsive to our needs and replied to every single email promptly and efficiently.  My husband and I felt very safe and in good hands because you and everyone else from the drivers to the local tour guides were genuinely concerned about making sure our needs were taken care of.  I will highly recommend your company to all our friends and look forward to traveling with you in future trips. 

Thanks a lot and take care.

August, 20

Thanks Laura,

My husband and I are very glad with your service; we will highly recommend your company to all our friends.:)


July 29, 2015

Dear Olivia:

We finally got back home after a trip of a lifetime! Now it is hard to adapt to our life here on the North American continent…

Thank you so much to you for arranging such a wonderful tour for us and many, many thanks to the tour guides: Waldner and Jam! Both of them were great!!! very nice people, very good friends and very knowledgeable in what they told us! I guess you keep contact with them and please send them our regards and thanks! I insist to do this!Jam in Tibet was extremely nice! he was very good, helpful and we found good connections and similar not forget that we are Romanians that immigrated to Canada . So, we feel stronger the roots as Romanians and with Jam’s help we found lots of connections with Tibet culture and people. It was more than we expected… a complete experience …

I guess you remember how worried I was about Tibet, about the car, the guide and about almost everything, but with Jam and his expertise and help, everything was very smooth and pleasant! Really good and helpful person!! The car was fabulous, brand new car!!! (thank you for this!) and the driver was very good and drove us safely on some very challenging roads…
Just wanted to say again that Jam is very knowledgeable, he introduced us the old times and the history of Tibet, his English is very good and in a nutshell he is a very pleasant guide that every tourist will like to have ! He is doing his job with passion and care for tourists and he deserves good for what he does!!! on top of the nice time we had with Jam, it was a bonus that we felt well all the times in Tibet, no altitude sickness, or I should say very little signs… a head ache the first day and that’s all!

Olivia, I had a very good feeling about you as a travel agent and also about your company; these feeling made me to choose your service. I am very happy that I did so and Thank You so much for your help!!! I did a lot of research and contacted lots of travel agencies.. among all, you were the best! easy to talk with, very fast to response and were the only one accommodating all my worries and questions! you  are really a PRO in what you do!  I was impressed with your service and dedication.! I said that you became my best friend and I say it again, thank you my friend!  I put a lot of energy, emotions and work into this trip and now because it is done I feel that I accomplished a lot. By far this was my best trip, with lots of wonderful experiences and Tibet is something very unique!
Please send my regards to Jam, and all our thanks and appreciation of what he did for us!
I feel that I got 3 more friends: you, Jam and Waldner.


Regards, Ioana

July 27, 2015

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