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Hi Wonder,

Thanks for organising this tour.  It was a good tour.  The tour guide is very friendly and informative. Definitely should any of my friends want to visit Xiamen, I would advise them to contact you and have the same tour guide to take them around.


October 30, 2017

Hi Wendy,

We have reached safely in Singapore and thank you again for all the arrangements.

Despite some of the challenges faced due to the political situation and road works, we had a good experience and were well taken care of. We also appreciate the adequate rations and clean equipment issued to us. These are some of the feedback we have shared, in writing, to our guide.

Hope you had a good holiday yourself! Take care.



October 16, 2017

Hi Rita,

Purchasing for goods and services online is increasingly becoming second nature to most people with internet access and a credit card.

However, it is still daunting to purchase a large value item even though it should be covered under the credit card providers guarantees.

When searching online for a reputable Chinese tour and travel agency to arrange a trip to Tibet, such was my anxiety.

That was until I came across

I  used their web based inquiry form to request information and "Rita" replied to me within 36 hours, being my inquiry was made on a weekend.

Rita patiently worked with me on what was available, visa requirements, standards of hotels in Tibet, tour itinerary etc. Together we arrived at an ideal tour availability.

After paying for the tour online, the process went very smoothly and Rita gave instructions what was needed from me at each step of the process.

Everything was arranged by from visas, flights, transfers from airport to the first hotel, the tour itself which involved air conditioned coaches (bus) to the various places visited over the 8 day period we booked, as well as the other hotels we stayed in along the way.

In regards to the tour itself, on balance it was excellent although we had not realized the lengths of time we would be required to travel in a bus. 

Out of the 8 days, a total of 30 hours made up of 6 hours one day, 9 the next going up to the base camp at Mount Everest from Lhasa and the same on the return journey.

The tour guide "Julie" and the driver were both excellent and Julia was extremely well versed in her knowledge of the Dala Lhama's winter palace and all the many temples we visited during the 8 days.

All in all I can recommend to anybody looking for a once in a lifetime visit to Tibet and the Chinese side of Mount Everest.


October 15, 2017

Hi Jack,

We are back in Singapore and ging kong and i just wanted to thank you frommes three.
The tour was really good, everything worked out perfectly and Chimy was the best guide we could think of. She was really helpful and very knowledgeable.
Also our bus driver was great-he did a good job bringing us safely to very spot and back.
Thank you very much and best regards


October 13, 2017

Hi Jack,

We enjoyed the tour immensely.  Everything went pretty smoothly.  The local guide “RJ” was great

There were 5 others on the tour who booked with other travel agencies.  Our hotels were better than theirs.  The other tour members were friendly; however, one tour member had considerable difficulty with walking up steps and needing oxygen.  Her son did not help her in walking.  She needed oxygen at Potala Palace and continued to need oxygen at higher elevations.  Her son insisted she should go EBC even with her condition.  My son who has climbed the high elevations suggest an alternative for her with help from RJ that we leave early, arrive at noon and stay for few hours instead of being there overnight and for 24 hours.  The night time would be very difficult for her.  We ended going down about a 1,000 meters which helped her.  The group agreed with this change in schedule.

I would recommend your agency and especially with the guide RJ.


October 13, 2017

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