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Hi laura, Bruce

A report on our trip

Please excuse that i cant type so i write as briefly as possible

First, i cannot say enough good things about the personnel u provided at every stage

Justin was wonderful getting us thru the train station - beijing makes new york look like a small town station!

Of course, we were upset about the tickets - anyone looking at them should have spotted that the sequence was wrong so 3 of you had the chance to find that beforehand

But i want to stress that chris fixed it - i dont know how he persuaded everyone but he was available constantly by phone to tell everyone what was happening because we were helpless unless he talked to them

The people in the next compartment were happy with one another so there was no embarassment to us

and i told chris he really saved the day

Once in lhasa, we really enjoyed the company of both the guide  and the driver

The drivers skill in the mountain passes was amazing

As at the airport, we were met at the train station with great ease so again no stress for us

I believe they are not regular employees of your company but i recommend that any other clients would find them a pleasure to travel with

The transfer at nepal border was managed very well on both sides

By that time we were exhausted from altitude and they took great care of us

We were lucky that road to kathmandu was passable because there had been washouts

Again a miracle of driving skill !!

Our guide, ghana, was considerate about pacing our activities and we had fascinating discussions about nepal s history

I knew nothing about the country - just that i wanted to see katmandu

As to itinerary, we saw everything we could expect to do on a first trip

I was prepared not to see everest but she did appear briefly at sunset and the morning at EBC

So we were thrilled

And flying in the little plane in nepal was a great idea i found at last minute in my guide book

So, in summary, a lot of anxiety before the trip - i found communicating around the time difference difficult -

But we had a great adventure and there was no problem getting in touch with any people once we were in china

Best regards

Patricia Murphy

July 16th, 2013

Feed back to TibetDiscovery

This being my second trip to Tibet with TibetDiscovery. Overall services are satisfactory & recommendable. Will definitely recommend to others.

Thank you.

from Ms. Tioe

June 25, 2013

Dear friend, good day!

I am fine, thank you. Answer your questions:

1. Everything is ok.
2. Already recommended.
3. Ok. No any problem.
4. I really dont know))

Maybe I will post some photos in future. Several photos in attach.

Thank you for good service and hope contact you soon.


Following are some photoes took by Konstantin:

June 16, 2013

Dear Laura,

We already back to Indonesia.

We had enjoy our trip, our guide and driver are very kind and helpful.

Thank you so much for your kindly assistance.

We are thinking about next trip, going to Tibet through Cheng Du. Could you advise how many days approximately we should spend for that trip?


Herlina Lie

May 1st, 2013

Dear Bruce:

My wife and are now back in the US. We greatly enjoyed our trip. The guide, Joyce, and driver in Urumqi and Turpan were really great. Also, the Silk Road Vines hotel in Turpan is wonderful. Kucha was not a great success as the guide was not engaged and in order to access the most interesting caves you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money. Also, the hotel is dirty and without any character. Your service in organizing things was excellent and greatly appreciated. All best!


May 12, 2012

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