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Hi wang..

Wow..really bad tired....but Ive got a really great valueable experience from this journey...thnx to you too and all the guider for their patience and their help...specially for luoshang...Chai rang...and Alex... If there were a group from my city...I will recommend to Tibet discovery.... Once...thank you so much...n keep in touch...


December 16, 2014

Hi Ian

Everything is absolutely fantastic, Ian, I am having a wonderful trip. I am so glad I got here, and both Lucas Berger and I have agreed you have been a wonderful organiser.

In fact, I love it so much I really wish I could stay in Lhasa longer after my trip ends but I guess that is not possible with my permit...

Ah well, all good things come to an end.


December 15, 2014

Hi Ian Wei!

1- Tour arrangements was perfect
2- Yes, if someone ask me about Tibet tour I will reccomend your services
3- Very efficient and onest company
4- Nothing to suggest
Thank you for all and please say thank you to our guide. She is a very nice person and able to arrange everything guests need day by day, and she has arranged perfectly our stay in Tibet and our change to the program.
Best wishes to you and I hope you can visit Italy very soon!!!

December 5, 2014

Hi Rita!

Yes I am loving it, the people here are so nice and friendly! And the city is so beautiful!

I got a lot of nice souvenirs for my friends and family and some nice things for myself also.

I plan on coming back here hopefully next year!



November 27, 2014

Dear Wonder,

Sorry form my late reply :(

Regarding your questions:
1) your service:
You did a great job! I always felt very well attended and informed, always felt safe about next step in booking and immigration procedure. Many thanks for your great service and (for me) easy procedure! :)

2) Tour guide
Lopsang was a great tour guide! He showed and explained great about Tibetan culture and religion, also always informed well about procedures (e.g. speed control etc).

3) suggestions
For sure I will recommend tibetdiscovery I anyone of my friends would plan to travel to Tibet!

However one small point which might be improved: it was always mentioned (e.g. in itinerary) that it is a long trip in car, so I thought about 6, 7 hours, but never expected 11 hours drive.. This was reeeally long and should be mentioned in advance to being better prepared.

Dear Wonder, many thanks again for your great arrangements and please pass also my greetings and thanks to Lopsang when you speak to him, thank you!

I wish you both all the best,


November 23, 2014

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