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Latest Important Tibet Travel News: According to the needs of the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, in order to avoid cross-infection caused by the gathering of people, all attractions and monasteries are closed for tourists from January 27, 2020, and the opening hours will be announced separately.

Tibet is unique and diverse. And time is never enough to wait for a group, hop on and off buses or negotiate unfamiliar destinations. So we have hand-picked following most recommended private vacation packages for you which have been successfully operated for many years and created loads of amazing experiences for our customers.


Travel Tibet on the Focus

Does a particular aspect of Tibet fascinates you? Tibet Discovery Tours is specialized in finding unique experience of Tibet, and leading you to explore what interests you most. Our Private Tibet Tours will take you to explore deep into the Holy Land, with loads of options, freedom & flexibility. You can choose from the following themesor let us help design your own trip.

Ideals for Longer Trip - extend your Tibet journey

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Travel Tibet with China

Since you usually have to take flight or train to Tibet from your international arrival city in China, why not travel the charming destinations with Tibet? You will not only enjoy more fun, but also make fully use of convenient transfer. The most popular cities for connections with Tibet are Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Xian and Xining.

  • Beijing Tibet Tours - Beijing is the most visited destination in China with 7 World Heritage Sites, and offers daily flights and train to Tibet.
  • Chengdu Tibet Tours - Chengdu has most flexible schedules of flights to Tibet. Enjoy journey covering cute pandas and Tibetan culture and landscape!
  • Xining Tibet Tours - Xining is famous as the starting point of Qinghai Tibet Railway which is the highest railway in the world with magnificent plateau landscape.
Tibet Tours 2017

Travel Tibet with Nepal

Nepal and Tibet used to be great neighbours with tight connections especially in the spread of Buddhism. At the same time, both destinations are situated on the Himalaya Range. But they have own features and highlights. Nepal attracts tourists with its world famous trekking experience, historical cities and multiple religious beliefs. While Tibet is featured in stunning plateau landscape and devoted Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Nepal Tibet Tours - Kathmandu has the only international flight schedule between Lhasa. But most popular route is overlanding trip between Kathmandu and Lhasa.
  • Nepal Tours - Nepal is small but with loads of things to do. Whether you are interested in the Annapurna Circuit trek, the Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley, or the wild safari in Chitwan, you can easily have fun there.