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Thanks Tiger

Here in Italy all good.
Many of my friends still ask me about our tour in Tibet. It was an awesome experice!

Enjoy the festival.



May 30, 2014

Dear Olivia,

I am very fine. Thank you for the memorable time in China and Tibet. There a lot of my friend who interested in the trip. So I will pass the information though them. I will get back to you again may be tomorrow.



May 30, 2014

Good morning

Now I'm in my house in Spain. When you pass the pictures to my computer I'll send you some. Tell me which sites you want them. I've done 1000 photos.
Kathmandu hotel is the World Heritage in Durbar Square. It is quite expensive for what they offer. Almost never have electric light. At least they are friendly.
The trip to China and Tibet was very nice, very friendly guides and everything turned out pretty well. It was tiring but it was worth it.
Thanks for everything, and if you have any suggestions, or anything else, let me know and I send you what I have.
I will recommend your agency to anyone who asks me.



May 23, 2014

Hi Wonder

Sorry for late reply.
Now I'm ready for the feedback.

1) About your service.
Your service is very impressive, honestly.
Consistently prompt response with rich detail made you reliable.
For foreign customers who are able to reach you only via online means, personally, I think it is necessary to make sure you are trustworthy.
And you did it very well.
You'd answered all my requests perfectly, even if I'd changed it from time to time.
The only thing I can think of now to improve your service is about informing the timeline of the process.
Because it takes quite a long time for the whole process.
Furthermore, each one has its own specific time, especially for the train ticket.
It could be better to ensure your customer just by updating the process you're doing and a brief schedule of the next one.

2) About the tour guide service.
Gapel did his job very well.
He's a very active and skillful guide.
His service could proved his experience.
He showed his great knowledge in all places I've visited, not only things in guidebook but also local ways which I think it is what most foreign customers expect from this kind of tour.
Moreover, he can adjust the plan according to real situation quite well.
Comparing to other groups I'd talked to, it showed that he has a very good adaptable skill.
However, maybe because he's so active, sometimes he's too rush and bring us to break the queue.
Even it's good not to waste my time standing for queue, but I'm not sure whether it's a common thing to do or not for the locals.
By the way, he's still a great guide for me.

3) About the tour arrangement.
Generally speaking, your tour was far more better than my expectation.
Warm welcome, good transportation, comfortable accommodations.
The planned attractions were all impressive and not too tight.
The itinerary was flexible enough to adjust to an unexpected situation.
Actually I've done my tour in quite different order from your itinerary because of many unexpected conditions.
I think you may know about it.
Especially the accident that made me unable to go to the base camp as scheduled.
I think it was a very lucky accident.
If it had not happened, I would have had to stay near the base camp and may be sick of the altitude sickness.
Because of this event, I had to stay in a town in lower altitude which was much more comfortable.
Even I had to wake up very early and drive for 2 hours in the next morning, I think it's better than stay up there.
I think you can offer this as a choice for your future customer.

Finally, I would like to thank you again for a very impressive experience in Tibet you provided for me.
I hope my feed back can help you to improve your future service.

Best regards


May 20, 2014

Hi Isabel

Here is some feedback from our Tibet tour

- Tour guide Tashi was excellent.  His level of English was very good, his knowledge of all monasteries, mountains, areas etc was outstanding.  Even if we had a question for him where he was not sure of the answer, he would ask the local monks or villagers and let us know.  He was always very accommodating regarding the tour, and if we were not extremely in the mood to see another temple, then he would adjust his information to us to make the experience enjoyable and not drawn out.  He always gave us good tips regarding the altitude and what to eat, took us to some great restaurants and always made sure we were ok and having a good time.  He made our trip!

- Regarding the tour itself, it was very well laid out.  Even though we missed our first day because of bad weather in Lhasa, we never felt rushed to get to Everest and to have to acclimatise too quickly.  Thank you for your help during the period when we had our flight to Lhasa changed.  Lhasa was beautiful and snowed the day after we landed so it made all of the mountains look even more spectacular.  We knew there would be a lot of driving every day to get to the next location, so it was good to break things up with sights such as Yamdrok Lake, Sakya montastery etc and other things like that.
- Regarding the hotels, overall they were good and the breakfast in the morning was always good.  However, the hotel in Tingri was quite bad and had no heat, hot water or electricity in the morning.  The hotel in Zhangmu was ok but the bathrooms could have been better.   

- Finally, the driving overall was good except a few issues with speeding.  We understood there were speed checkpoints and we could only arrive at a certain time to the next destination.  We found that the driver would speed through the most dangerous of places (driving up the mountains with very sharp turns) and then we would end up having to wait at the side of the road because we would get to the next checkpoint too early.  This made no sense to us as we asked the driver many times to slow down yet he did not comply.  We were always happier to drive a bit slower to take care and so we didn’t have to wait on the side of the road for check points so many times.  As we were in the car for so many hours a day, this made quite a difference in our experience as we would have preferred to go slower and enjoy the scenery more instead of speeding.  I understand that it may be the way Tibetans drive but we asked many times to go slower, especially up and down mountain passes, but we still felt that the driving was a little dangerous in some places.

Overall, your service during organising of the tour was fantastic, so thank you very much.  The tour was very much as we expected and that you had described, which was good as there were no surprises.  Our tour guide was excellent and one of the highlights of our trip. Please pass on our thanks again to him.  We will definitely be recommending you, your agency and Tashi (our tour guide) to our friends.  
Thank you very much for everything.


May 20, 2014

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