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Hi Laura

Thanks all are fine and good.

Lob San your guide tour he is very good . We like him a lot and the driver too!!

All the best

May 17, 2014

Hi Wonder,

Thank you very much for your Organisation and your service!

Our trip to Tibet was very nice and recommendable .

Your organization worked out in nearly every point. And you always met our expectations.

Here a detailed review from my side:

The contact with you was all the time very pleasant. You always replied very fast on all my requests. You always tried to fulfill our wishes. Big thanks for that!

Our tour guide Tin and our driver were very nice. Tin had good knowledge,explained a lot to us and was always helpful in any case. Our driver did a very good job as well. We always felt save while driving with him.

I can really recommend both of them!

The tour arrangement was very nice. We saw a lot and had always enough time to experience the sights and the scenery.

The only sad point was that at our first stop in Shigatse the hotel room was not very nice. The door was broken, you couldn't close the bathroom door and the room was very dirty and filthy, especially the floor had a lot of stains, cigarett burns and so on. On our way back we had a nice room, so I think they maybe overbooked the hotel and on our first stay we maybe got a left over room and not the room that was actually booked. We somehow made that out as we'll while we were checking in, because there were big discussions about that topic at the reception desk and Sebastian -who was with us in the group -had a very nice room.

All in all I really want to thank you for the arrangement and the organization. You totally met your expectations!

Concerning the knife I think it is maybe easier to buy a new one here in Germany, when it is so complicated with the shipping. Please keep it as a present from us, or give it to our tour guide or the driver-maybe they can use it. But again thanks for our effort in that point.

In case You need a recommendation for new clients and they maybe want to get in touch with someone that already booked a tour with you feel free to contact me.

Best regards,


May 8, 2014

Hi Tiger,

Thanks for your email and best greetings from sunny Beijing!

Yes, my friends and I returned well & safely yesterday afternoon to Beijing and today is my first day back at work.

Quite busy, to catch up after 1 week out of office, but the wonderful experiences & impressions from last week are still with me and help to keep me happy!

We had really a wonderful holiday in Tibet and it was so impressive to see the fascinating culture, the people and of course the astonishing landscape.

It was an absolute great experience, which will stay with me for long time in my memories.

I will have to review the many pictures I took and I will send you some impressions!

Also, let me give you some more detailed feedback later on your great service you provided and the tour we did – to take it away: everything was good!


All the best regards from Beijing,



May 5, 2014

Dear Tiger,

We are now happily arrived in Kathmandu. I wanted,on behalf of our whole group, let you know that we enjoyed very much the Tibet tour, and everything was very well arranged and we had great time.

Zhangdu, our guide was very kind and helpful in every situation. Big thank to him too.
Just I wanted to let you know one little issue, so that you can warn future tourists: at the border exit to nepal, the Chinese police checked our luggage and took our guide books,both the Tibet and nepal lonely planets.
clearly this is not your fault, but please inform the future groups because it is very sad after a good trip to loose the book that was a good reference and memory.

Apart from this, no major issues. We will definitively recommend your service.

Keep in touch, best
Luca and friends

April 19, 2014


Because my son was so sick in Tibet unfortunately the tour was spoilt.  That is no fault of yours, of course.  I thought the service was very good and Chime our guide extremely nice and particularly helpful when she came to the hospital with us and drove us back to the hotel afterwards.  The car was very comfortable and the driver also very nice.  We couldn’t go to all the attractions but they were very interesting.  My only disappointment is that we didn’t drive out of the city and see some of the wonderful scenery that is in the area and I think a half day drive with a picnic lunch or similar would have been really good option.  The hotel was also very comfortable.

Thank you,

Lynelle Adams


April 14, 2014

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