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Hi Laura

Everything was fantastic thanks, a once in a life experience. The guide and driver looked after all our needs 24hours a day. Glad we had the oxygen too, it was very high at Mt everest!

Thanks again for organising our tour.

Garry COX

June 26, 2014

Dear Ian

I've returned yesterday and I had an amazing time in Tibet!

First of all I have to say that I had the best tour guide one can wish for!!! She has been so lovely, kind and wonderful! I have learned so much about Tibetan culture, Buddhism and the history of the country! She took me to amazing little local restaurants in which we had the most delicious food!! I am so grateful for having her as my tour guide and I had the best experience I could have wished for!! My days in Tibet were absolutely wonderful!! The hotel was great, everyone was very friendly, helpful and simply amazing!! And out driver was so lovely!! Very experienced and I always felt very safe driving around the sometimes bumpy streets in Tibet! 

I would definitely recommend and also return to Tibet again! 


June 20, 2014

Hi Laura,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. We got a flu with we are still getting over.

We had a brilliant time thanks to your fantastic service and great itinerary. The accomodation was average in Tibet but not shaw if that was to do with tibet office/guide trying to put us into sub standard rooms? The guide was good but did not really go out of his way to help us, just did what he needed to do. In the evening in a couple of places we said where would be good to eat and he replied there were a lot of resturants up and down the street! That was true which is fine if you can speak Chinese!
The car and driver were great as it is a difficult . At the border to Nepal there was confusion but managed .
Katmandu hotel was well located but average rooms, that was ok though as the manager was very friendly and the food was good. Also on our last night the owner of the tour company took us out for a meal which was brilliant. Very thoughtful and memorable.
Bhutan was fantastic. The guide was so friendly and knowledgable and again difficult driving conditions and did really well. Accomodation in Thimphu as you know was very average but the next night was great thanks to you. I feel in future it is better to make sure that the accomodation is upgraded slightly. The reason is our 3 star accomodation would be like 4-5 star in china/tibet etc. after a long journey it is important to get to a clean, comfortable note.

We really enjoyed the whole trip and we thank you so much for making that happen.

Kind regards

Helena and Peterx

June 12, 2014

Hi Wonder

Everything was fine and the Guide was very organized and very friendly! Please tell also the agency that he's really recommendable!!
The Tour is Great!

Many greetings from Lhasa!


June 11, 2014

Hi Tiger,

Thank you very much for this travel,it was so well. We are very happy for all visit. The "warriors "are so beautifull ,last saturday on french TV we have seen this place and some more french it is better for us because our english is not fantastic! I like also Lasa with all  typical people tibetain so fantastic.

It was a very good organisation. Thank you for all.

I hope you have a long way in this work and happiness for you and your family.

Bests regards

Lette and Jean Michel Thomas

June 12, 2014

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