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Hi Ian,

Yes we were very happy with the football result! Sorry for the delay getting back to you – we wanted to wait until we had sorted through the thousands of photos we took on our trip! Attached are a few from our trip to Leshan that we thought you might like.

Thank you so much for all the work you did for us, and for giving up your Saturday to take us to Leshan. We had a great time!

I wanted to let you know as well that the refund came through in full for the Tibet trip. Thanks again for being so kind and refunding the full cost of the flights.

Best of luck for the future!

Liz & David
April 17, 2012

Hi Christine,

Tibet was great. You did an excellent job for us there. Norbu, the guide and Nema, the driver were the best. We would recommend them highly. Please use them again. Your clients will be very happy.

Thank you so much.

April 12, 2012

Dear Ian,

We just received a visitor’s visa to China for one year.

Indian community in this area is organizing a pilgrimage to Tibet. There are 10 to 15 families considering to go to China and Tibet. This new development and we have decided to join the group instead of venturing the trip all by ourselves. Essentially, we are postponing the trip.

Please accept our sincere thanks for your assistance in educating us on China and Tibet. I have forwarded your contact information to the proper people. They are getting everything together. I will forward all the information you provided.

Again Thanks for your assistance.

Madhav & Saroj
April 12, 2012

Hi Sue

We are back in India - we arrived here yesterday morning. We will be leaving for Toronto (Canada) on July 16th.

Once again thank you so much for your professionalism, enthusisam and dedication. We are so lucky to have people like yourself Elena and of course Christine who has put in a lot of time and effort also. Our whole trip was wonderful and of course we would definitely want to visit your motherland soon, not only that we would like to bring along some of our friends also.

We will also be highly recommending your services to anybody who is interested in visiting your beautiful country. Nancy had requested our boarding passes from Beijing to Chongqing as per your your instructions - something to do with the insurance, so we had handed over the boarding passes.

Besides visiting other places we would definitely like to take the train ride to Lhasa - may be Budha will listen soon! Do keep us posted about any tours that might be coming up. Please do keep in touch.

All the best

July 18, 2012

Alex Reviews Tibet Discovery Tours on Trip Advisor
Alex Reviews Tibet Discovery Tours on Trip Advisor

I arranged my travel to China and Tibet and this agency was very professional. Travelling alone is difficult but they could arrange a room shared with another guy in order to decrease price... I will always thank that :). I visited all the places according to the itnierary. I really recommend this agency Tibet Discovery Tours.

Visited August 2011

March 5, 2012

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