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Hi Laura

It was a great trip except for the altitude sickness at Lake Nomtse. Both the guide and the driver were excellent, the people were always friendly except for the people preying on tourists at Tienanmen Xi station and other tourist attractions. It was very good and I really enjoyed the train ride. Thank you for all your assistance

John (Jason) Carpenter

July 11, 2015

Hello, Isabelle!

We have arrived back in Shanghai. We were both very pleased with the trip but haven't had much access to email this week. Both Namgel and Gunga were fantastic. They were both very knowledgeable and professional.  Yancey said thank you and he will do a trip advisor report for you.

Thank you again for a wonderful trip!


July 6, 2015

Hello Laura,

Regarding the Lhasa trip, I have little remarks.

The hotel was great, the guide was very good and knowledgeable. She also made sure we were everywhere on time and that we saw the interesting things. The visits were good. Lunches were good. The driver was very helpful and flexible. Only remark is we would have liked to have dinner in a good tibetan restaurant, but apparently there are no really good tibetan restaurants in Lhasa. I also checked the internet and there as well you can not find good tibetan restaurants in Lhasa. But luckily before we went to Lhasa we ate in some very good tibetan restaurants in Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou, so it is ok.

And the price for the trip was in my opinion also very reasonable, so all in all I would definitely recommend your company and the guide to people who want to travel to Tibet.

I thank you very much for all your services.


July 1, 2015

Hello Rita,

I am now back at my residence after a very memorable trip to Lhasa.

For this extra-ordinary trip, I cannot thank you enough for your help and support.

As is well known, a visit to Tibet/Lhasa requires various other Government permissions/permits. 

All of this was handled with seamless efficiency by you.

Normally, a trip of this sort to an exotic land and 'parts unknown' would be fraught with anxiety, with many last-minute plan changes and difficulties, but I must confess that everything went extremely smoothly and according to plan during this trip, and for this I must thank you and your organization for taking care of everything right up to the last detail.

I had insisted on the train journey from Xining to Lhasa (and return) by soft sleeper, and this too was no problem for you, with the tickets being purchased and delivered to my Xining Hotel without any hassles.

But, even the best arrangements can be improved upon, so I would like to give you two suggestions that might help to make this travel experience even more unforgettable.

1. I know that I had insisted on going by train from Xining to Lhasa, but I would suggest that you try and point out the physical difficulties to your clients (whenever they insist on going by train to Lhasa). 

Xining is situated at 2300M height, hence does not pose any problems. Lhasa is situated at 3600M and the possibility of  mild High-Altitude Sickness is common, but it is the train journey which traverses Tanggula Mountain Pass (5230M) which poses a challenge to most travelers, with severe headache and nausea lasting for a few days.

The best course of action would be to fly directly to Lhasa and then take the return by train (by which time the body has become somewhat acclimatized).

Further, after having read all the previous reviews, and the recommendation to take Diamox well before the journey, please note that Diamox is not available in many countries, hence you could recommend some Chinese medicine which is readily available in China (I took GAOYUANKANG capsules - given by the Lhasa Hotel doctor which helped me immensely). This should be included in your Confirmation Letter Advice column (or a general statement mentioning that various very effective Chinese medicines are available to combat the ill-effects of High Altitude Sickness, and that it is suggested to start taking the medicine on departure Xining).

2. I was fortunate to have attended a show of "Princess Wencheng" (Tibetan Culture Legendary Opus), and I can quite honestly state that I have never before seen any grand opera with such a massive stage (mountainside sloping upward), such a huge cast of characters (quite easily more than a thousand), such grandeur in costumes and presentation. Simply stunning props, sound and lighting, and even an English translation on the side screens.

I have seen many shows around the World, but this show is right there at the very top. It is somewhat expensive (tickets start at 380 Yuan), but, for those interested in Tibetan culture, History and pure spectacle this will be an unforgettable thrill.

Will it be possible for you and your company to make arrangements with the show's organizers and thus provide discounted tickets for your clients. 

It is also possible that your foreign clients (who will all be interested in Tibetan culture aside from the historical monuments) may not be aware of this show, and would gladly attend if given the chance. 

Lastly, I must thank my local tour guides Tashi and Chimee who took a lot of care, were very very knowledgeable, and tried their very best to ensure that we were well looked after (including helping the elder members of our group).

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any traveler contemplating a visit to Tibet, as it will surely result in an efficient, hassle-free travel experience, something that we all look for, but quite often do not get.

With kind regards,

Dipankar Deb.   




June 15, 2015

Hi Ian,

My trip has gone really well thank you (apart from the minor issue of not originally being collected at the airport).

All the guides have been punctual and informative and nice!

I'd like to have spent more time in Tibet and Xian. Maybe I'll come back one day and plan a longer trip in China.

Thank you for your help!

I'm heading to to airport in 1 hour to fly home.

Kind regards


June 30, 2015

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