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Good morning Ian,

Thanks for the e-mail and thanks again for all your help on this trip. It was a great journey and Lhasa as well as the train journey was one of the biggest travel highlights of my life!

I would be glad to answer the questions and recommend your service!

So to answer the questions:

1. It was very good and guide was particularly good. As there are a lot of steps in both the monasteries and the palace, having the monasteries the day before the palace doesn't make too much of a difference in terms of dealing with the altitude.
2. Yes, deinitiely! You handled everything very well.
3. Very good, the quality of service was great, so thanks for everything Ian!
4. I suppose the only minor improvements would be:

- that the itinerary, *particularly* naming the hotel that I was staying in, should be reconfirmed a day or two before trip. My guide had to ring your office to determine which hotel I was staying in.
 - perhaps there could be additional sights, if possible, outside Lhasa added to the itinerary.
 - the flight options out of Lhasa and exact flight times could possibly be given in advance to help customers with other plans on the trip

I haven't written a blog online about my trip but have shared all my photos from Shutterfly with you so feel free to use any of these.

I hope to come back to China again, maybe next year to visit both Beijing and Chengdu in the one trip so if you guys can help out with anything here, I will definitely contact you!

As a matter of interest, is April or September a better month to visit these cities? A Chinese guy who works in one of the bars in Dublin that I go to a lot said that it is usually 35 degrees in both cities in September and it's better to go in April or October....what would be your opinion here?

(I know it is peak tourist season in China in September / October - it was actually 25 degrees at 17:30 PM on Wednesday evening last in Beijing so he might have a point!)

Let me know of you need anything else,


April 27, 2015


Good morning from Beijing! I wanted to take some time to thank you for everything in booking our Tibet trip, working with our unique schedule, and helping us change our mode of transportation back to Beijing at the last minute.  Luke and I had an amazing time, and Jianyong provided us with the rich cultural and adventurous experience we were looking for.  I hope all is well, and also that Selina is healthy again.  Please send her my regards.


Jeff Uphold

April 20, 2015

Hi wonder,

Thank you so much for the arrangement! This trip has been nothing but fantastic! All of us enjoyed heaps.

Your service to us has been highly commendable, no doubt. As for the tour guides, although there's a slight hitch in between due to the switch of tour guide, they're of great help to us too! Overall, excellent!(:

Would definitely recommend to my friends if any of them happen to be interested in visiting Tibet in the future.

Thank you and all the best!(:


April 14, 2015

Hi Laura,

Great to hear from you! Yes, we just returned a couple of hours ago. We had an incredible time in Chengdu, Lhasa and Beijing. (Hotpot in Chengdu and Beijing Duck in Beijing :-)

Lhakdon was great! I appreciate her knowledge of things and her willingness to assist with anything. The visit with a Tibetan family was one of the highlights of the trip. She served us Tibetan food and drink. Very special.

On the plane I sat next to a man from Chengdu (now from Beijing) who talked to me about how we can assist people living outside of Chengdu. Can I email you later this week? Also, I'll send the link to my website later where you can view photos.

More later. Thank you again for being a great tour company!

I'll email you later. 

Have a great week!


April 13th, 2015

Hi Wonder,

We are very satisfied customers. The tour was fantastic and the arrangements were good. We already gave feeback on a form our nice guide Jenny gave us. She is a very good tourguide, flexible and knowledgeable. Also your service was fine. The only hickup was the fact that there was no train on the intended day. That off course was not your fault and Tiger managed to change the schedule quickly. Our only complaint is that we got to know about the changes very late, and we were lucky to be able to get from Hong Kong to Guangzhou that same evening. But as I said, we are very satisifed, so thank you very much!

Bjorn and Karin

January 11, 2015

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