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Dear Ian,

1.  The tour was excellent and went very well.  Well planned, very good guide and driver and good accommodation.  An incredible experience made possible by your company.  The arrangements to get visa etc in Kathmandu worked well.

2.  I would certainly recommend you to others and have already done so.

3. Very helpful.

4.  If arrangement had been earlier we could have booked a cheaper flight from Kathmandu.  The road trip down to the border through the river gorge was incredible and well worth highlighting on the itinerary.

In Tibet it is difficult to get information books on the places you visit.  Perhaps you could provide fuller notes for clients.

I will bear your company in mind if coming to China again.  I will send a travelogue and photos for your website.

Best regards and many thanks.


John Lilly

August 2nd, 2013

Dear Judy,

The tour was lovely and our guide Dawa and the driver were great too. Thanks for onganizing this for us! We will recommend it further to our friends.

Regarding the invoice, I was not able to open the link you sent. Is it possible to send me both documents: the one in the link and the one you attaced in the email earlier?

The details of my company are: M&M Consulting Agency SRL, fiscal code: RO 17046428, j23/1950/2004, address: Unirii 248, Corbeanca, Jud. Ilfov, Romania, bank: Alpha Bank Magheru.

Many thanks,


July 27th, 2013

Hi Judy,

We enjoyed our tibet tour and are happy to have been visiting Tibet... We thank you for your assistance and don t have bad thing to say about tibet discovery agency but we feel your Lhassa agency was not up to the task.

We are just disappointed with the trouble that both our excellent guide and driver had to overcome for some permit and room booking which hadn t been done or at least done properly by your lhasa agency. If not for us, it is unacceptable for them 2 to run after our everest permit or to arrive at hotels and being told that no room was registered for all of us as it happened for both nights in Shigatse. Yesterday night was a lot of trouble for them to find us a hotel. Guide and driver did an excellent job even if we were all tired.

We confirmed the trip early enough so all should have been booked and secured by the time we got here by your lhassa agency.

I beleive this is subject to compensation for us because we told you we were happy with your assistance and building of the organisation for this trip and so we decided to pay more money to confirm the trip with you Judy rather than the competitor for the same schedule, which didn t come cheap.

And for you to enhance the quality of your partner in Lhassa.

I am looking forward to reading you once back in Shanghai on 4th August and wish you a good evening.


Best regards


July 26th, 2013

Hey Laura,

I just wanted to thank you and your team for helping me to arrange our trip to Tibet!  We had a great stay there and our guide was terrific.  Lhasa is a very beautiful, interesting and culturally rich place...very special for us to experience.  My daughter did just fine with the elevation just fyi...that is something that I had discussed with Mary quite a bit.  

I work in the service industry and do a lot with guest feedback so if you don't mind I would leave a small amount of that here to possibly contribute to the experience of others in the hotel that we stayed in...I wanted to note that the hotel staff were very helpful and friendly...especially with our daughter...they played with her many times.  The food in the hotel was quite tasty and fairly priced.  The one negative I would mention is the bathrooms.  Ours leaked the whole time and the floor was quite swampy even when freshly cleaned.  The hair dryer does not work and the drains do not work either leaving standing water in the bath and the sink.  Shower was not bad at all, just didn't drain.  

Anyhow, I wish you the best and thank you again for the work you did with us...if I can pass that along to your boss just let me know!

Best regards,


July 26th, 2013

Dear Bruce and the Tibet Discovery Team,

As our trip to Tibet took place last week, herewith me and my friend Radek would like to serve a testimony for you.
We would like to express our gratitude for the custom-made Tibet trip you prepared and executed for us. First, the planning phase went smooth and you managed to include all our wishes in the itinerary. I realized how sincere you are regarding the work, when you called me at 10PM, to inform the permit is issued. But the fact that you picked up your telephone on Sunday morning, to help us find the permit in the hotel, truly deserves our gratitude. In Tibet itself, everything was as good, or even better than we expected. Here special thanks should be stated to our guide Jinmei. He took a really good care of us, he has a very good command of English and we established a good understanding with each other. He was all the time surprising us with some small details we would miss/overlooked on the streets without him. Thanks to him, we tried almost everything edible from Yak, sit in a local teahouse, discovered small streets and places in Lhasa and Shingatse, and eventually bought a real souvenirs from Tibetan craftsmen. He and the driver were very patient when we frequently asked to stop and take pictures of the high-passes we were crossing. But the biggest asset of Jinmei is the fact that he is a Buddhist. Therefore, while visiting monasteries on the way, instead of a textbook knowledge, he was giving us real explanations of the rituals we were witnessing. That was one of the biggest values of this trip. Once again, thanks Jinmei!
And then, the ride back to Beijing, in a hard sleeper train, turned out to be as exciting as the previous days . Moments when the whole train car was playing cards with us will be unforgettable :)  
To sum up, a big thank you needs to be stated from our side, thank you for a great adventure.

Kris & Radek

July, 25th, 2013

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