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Dear Laura,

We have just returned from our fantastic adventure in China, and would just like to say a great thank you to you and everyone who has helped make this trip so memorable. We have seen magnificent sights and eaten such great food, that I don't think we will ever forget our wonderful holiday – it was truly superb!

We had a great time in Beijing, and were very grateful for Yoyo who kept us going – she was a wonderful guide with excellent English which made it so much more enjoyable for us. I will always remember her way of dealing with queues, and her bubbly character and expert knowledge turned a good holiday into a great one for which we will always be grateful!

Lhasa and Tibet were another highlight for us, and again our guide Luo Sang, could not have been better – his knowledge of the people, sights and Buddhist religion was truly encyclopaedic. Again, his character and that of our driver (sorry I don’t know his name) was perfect for us and as well as looking at the magnificent scenery, we learnt a great deal about Tibet. The highlight being the views of Qomolangma which were truly breath-taking in more than one sense – it was really very difficult to leave Everest Base Camp and the beautiful sight of the mountain.

I hope that I have managed to give you at least some idea of the truly great time we had in China, thanks you so much for your help in making our holiday such a great and memorable adventure!

And I will give my answers below:

1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?
Her responses were always timely. If she was not available, other agency staff members responded for her. WE always were assured that we would have an answer when needed.

2. How do you comment your tour arrangements?
Everything was excellent and hassle free. Christine facilitated the acquisition of our permits quickly and on time despite last minute requirements for my husband to get endorsements from local Chinese businesses. Our guide and driver in Tibet were the best. The handling of the Tibet trip was so good, we used the agency for other travel arrangements while we were in China. My husband who goes to China frequently for business will continue to use the agency due to their efficiency.

3. Your general opinion on us?
Professional, enthusiastic, reliable!

All the best,

Kevin, Rob & Lee
April 28, 2012

Dear Bruce,

Thanks for everything! Your assistance during the past several months has been outstandingly good and we would like to write a message to your company saying how much we have appreciated your excellent services. Would you be kind enough to e-mail us the name and e-mail address of the person to whom we should send this message.

Thanks and very best regards,

Ian Ross & France Galand
April 26, 2012

Dear Linda,

As it all seems to me now, you have been an excellently patient and helpful advisor, and I delightfully am expecting to enjoy the arrangements our agreement promises.

April 22, 2012

Hello Bruce,

Thank you for arranging our trip to Tibet, a very different and wonderful travel experience.

Yo Yo was a very knowledgeable and helpful guide and we enjoyed her company. She was very patient with all of our history and cultural questions. We were very thankful to Yo Yo and all of her efforts to get us a shared compartment on the train.

Teresa & John Hollo
April 19, 2012

Hi Ian,

Yes we were very happy with the football result! Sorry for the delay getting back to you – we wanted to wait until we had sorted through the thousands of photos we took on our trip! Attached are a few from our trip to Leshan that we thought you might like.

Thank you so much for all the work you did for us, and for giving up your Saturday to take us to Leshan. We had a great time!

I wanted to let you know as well that the refund came through in full for the Tibet trip. Thanks again for being so kind and refunding the full cost of the flights.

Best of luck for the future!

Liz & David
April 17, 2012

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