Lhasa Shigatse Train Schedules and Fares

18 January 2019 Last updated at 17:01

The Lhasa Shigatse Train plays an important role in Tibet’s traffic by providing much convenience for Lhasa Shigatse round-trip travelers. There are two daily commuter trains runs between Lhasa and Shigatse within 3 hours' riding time. Trains may be increased to satisfy the needs of more passengers during the tourism season. Train Z8801 and Z8803 depart from Lhasa and arrive Shigatse at last, in the meantime, train Z8802 and Z8804 run in opposite direction.

Two more extended lines to Jilong and Yadong is planned to put into use before 2020. Passengers can take the Lhasa-Shigatse Train to Mt. Everest and tour famous scenic spots in Shigatse, enjoying the pure sunshine bath and clear sky view all the way.

Lhasa Shigatse Train
Tourists in Front of Shigatse Railway Station

Lhasa to Shigatse Train Timetable

Train No.DepartureArrivalDurationDistance(KM)Frequency
Z8801(Lhasa-Shigatse) 11:07 14:00 2h53mins 248 Daily
Z8803(Lhasa-Shigatse) 15:05 17:52 2h47mins
Z6811(Lhasa-Shigatse) 18:20 21:15 2h55mins

Shigatse to Lhasa Train Timetable

Train No.DepartureArrivalDurationDistance(KM)Frequency
Z8802(Shigatse-Lhasa) 07:50 10:27 2h37mins 248 Daily
Z6812(Shigatse-Lhasa) 14:40 17:31 2h51mins
Z8804(Shigatse-Lhasa) 18:32 21:18 2h46mins

Lhasa Shigatse Train Ticket Fares

The Lhasa Shigatse Train tickets price is different depending on which ticket classes you choose. Totally, there are four kinds of options: the Hard Seats, the Soft Seats, the Soft Sleeper and Hard Sleeper. Wherein, the Hard Seats are the cheapest for short distance travel; the Soft Seats are more comfortable and nearly double price of the Hard Seats; the Soft Sleeper is the most expensive one with 4 sleeping berths in a private room and more facilities and personal space inside, which suit long-haul journey; the Hard Sleeper, 6 sleeping berth in a compartment is in a relatively lower price than the Soft Sleeper.

Lhasa Shigatse Train
Passengers on the Hard Seats Carriage

Hard Seats(CNY)Hard Sleeper(CNY)Soft Sleeper(CNY)
40.5 Upper Berth Middle Berth Lower Berth Upper Berth Lower Berth
111.5 123 129 169.5 180

Important Notice: Above train schedules and fares are only for your reference; please contact us to catch up on the latest information. But we usually will keep them updated.

Detailed Timetable

The following trains Z8801 and Z8803 serve for passengers who travel from Lhasa to Shigatse. The Train Z8801 leaves Lhasa in the morning, passes through 5 midway stops in total and gets to Shigatse before noon; so it’s a good choice to have lunch after arrival in Shigatse. The train Z8803 will take you directly to Shigatse from Lhasa in the afternoon and arrives at perfect dinner time.

Lhasa to Shigatse Train Z8801 Timetable

Serial No.Railway StationsArrival TimeDeparting TimeStop DurationRiding TimeDistance(KM)
1 Lhasa Starting 08:30 / 0 0
2 Quxu 09:08 09:10 2mins 38mins 56
3 Nyemo 09:43 09:45 2mins 1h13mins 103
4 Rinbung 10:17 10:19 2mins 1h47mins 151
5 Shigatse 11:25 Final Stop / 2h55mins 248

Train Z8803 Timetable

Serial No.Railway StationsArrival TimeDeparting TimeStop DurationRiding TimeDistance(KM)
1 Lhasa Starting 15:20 / 0 0
2 Shigatse 17:59 Final Stop / 2h39mins 248

If you plan to travel to Lhasa from Shigatse, train Z8804 starts from Shigatse at noon and arrives in the afternoon when is a little bit late for lunch, therefore, please have lunch before boarding the train, or prepare some portable snacks. The train Z8802 departures at dusk, reaches in the evening. To avoid suffering from hunger or unwillingness to eat on the train, dinner should be had before boarding.

Shigatse to Lhasa Train Z8802 Timetable

Serial No.Railway StationsArrival TimeDeparting TimeStop DurationRiding TimeDistance(KM)
1 Shigatse Starting 18:40 / 0 0
2 Rinbung 19:44 19:46 2mins 1h4mins 97
3 Nyemo 20:17 20:19 2mins 1h37mins 145
4 Quxu 20:49 20:51 2mins 2h9mins 192
5 Lhasa 21:33 Final Stop / 2h53mins 248

Train Z8804 Timetable

Serial No.Railway StationsArrival TimeDeparting TimeStop DurationRiding TimeDistance(KM)
1 Shigatse Starting 12:05 / 0 0
2 Lhasa 14:40 Final Stop / 2h35mins 248

Lhasa to Shigatse or Shigatse to Lhasa?

Both Lhasa to Shigatse and Shigatse to Lhasa are good transportation choices and train travel experiences with various natural landscapes along the railway. You can select corresponding trains based on your tour itinerary.

Suppose that you just finish your tour in Lhasa, want to go Shigatse and other destinations for further trip in south and west areas of Tibet, like Ngari, even cross-border city like Katmandu in Nepal, the Lhasa Shigatse train is your good option. Compared to highway traffic, it only takes less than three hours with shorter distance and riding time.

If you plan to leave for Lhasa in Shigatse as the return route, you can take the Shigatse Lhasa train back and proceed the local Lhasa sightseeing then. But, the high way between Lhasa and Shigatse usually spend six to seven hours in terms of riding time, of which have the beautiful Yamdrok Lake, Parcho Monastery, Karuola Gracier and many historical sites in Gyantse.

Lhasa Shigatse Train
Foreign Tourists at Shigatse Railway Station

Facilities on Shigatse Lhasa Train – Life on the Train

Air Conditioning and Oxygen Supply There is an air-conditioning system on the train to create an comfortable temperatue and ensure a clean and fresh air. There are also two kinds of oxygen supply systems equipped with on the train. One is a ‘dispersion-mode’ oxygen supply system, which spreading oxygen in the train’s cars through the air-con system. The other system is directly used by passengers through independent port.
Food and Drink There is a dining carriage in the middle position of the train which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and some snacks. Only some Chinese food and cuisines are provide: rice, vegetables, meals and soups. You can also buy the packed food from the Food Trolley. Hot water is provided all the time. The water received from the washing area is not drinkable.
Luggage Storage If you are taking a Soft Sleeper, you can put your luggage or suitcases on the luggage closet above the door in each Soft Sleeper Carriage. It is about 16 inches (40cm) high and 20 inches (50cm) wide. If you are taking a Hard Sleeper, just place your luggage and suitcases on the luggage racks above the window by the side of aisle.
Toilet and Washing The toilets in Soft Sleeper Carriages are one western-style toilet and another squat toilet. While in the carriages of Hard Sleepers and Hard Seats, there are only squat toilets available. Bring toilet papers on your own. There is a simple washbasin at each side of the carriages. Only cold water is provided, undrinkable.
Compartment In the Soft Sleeper Compartment, there are a small table, a heat-retaining vacuum flask, and a trash can. Under the table is a plug to get power supply. There is also a small TV fixed on the door near the aisle. Close to the window, there is an outlet of oxygen. While in the Hard Sleeper Compartment, there are some other friendly facilities – a small table, a thermos, a dustbin.

How to Get to Lhasa /Shigatse Railway Station

How to get to the railway station from Lhasa/Shigatse? The detailed information below offers some help.

Lhasa Shigatse Train
Shigatse Railway Station View

Railway StationAddressPublic BusTaxi
Lhasa Railway Station Niu New Area, Lhasa, Tibet, China Location: right hand side of station exit
Cost: one yuan per person
Available Bus: Bus No.1, No.13, No.14 and No.30,etc
Location:main road in station front square
dozens yuan
Shigatse Railway Station Zhandu Village, Jiacuoxiong Town,Shigatse, Tibet, China Location: left hand of station exit
Cost: two yuan per person
Available Bus: Bus No.4 and No.7.etc
Location: right hand side of station exit(parking area)

*Important Notice:Don’t miss the right location of Lhasa Railway Station, rather than the Lhasa West Station and Lhasa South Station, which are stations only for cargo transport.