Top Tibet Train Tours from Gateway Cities

Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xining are so far the four most popular gateway cities for taking a train tour to Tibet. Check out our most popular tour packages departing from these gateway cities. All packages are customizable according to your requirements. One important things to know is that you have to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit to take the train. If you have more time, you can extend your trip from Lhasa to other popular destinations, such as Shigatse, Mount Everest, Nyingchi, Ngari, etc.

Essential & Helpful Guide

Taking a train and witnessing the Qinghai Tibet Plateau on the train is memorable. But get fully prepared before is very necessary. Following are some essential guide information to help you plan the ideal train travel. Any question from you is welcomed, just contact us.

Which gateway city to start

So far, travel can take a train to Lhasa from gateway cities which are also the starting stations with maximum chances to get a train ticket, including Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xining and Lanzhou, etc.

Most Recommended - Beijing, Chengdu, Xining: Beijing has a daily train to Lhasa usually departing in the evening and takes about 41 hours. It is easier to buy a ticket from Chengdu to Lhasa(about 42hrs' trip), but the train only departs every other day. Xining has more train schedules, and is the starting place of stunning Qinghai Tibet Railway. One can get to Lhasa from Xining by train within 22 hours.

Other Popular Gateways - Chongqing, Shanghai, Xian: Chongqing is connected to Yangtze River Cruise, Shanghai is popular arrival city in China, but the time spent on the train is a bit long(approx 47hrs). Xian is the perfect place as the connection of Beijing and Lhasa.

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Choice of seats

Generally, there are soft sleepers, hard sleepers and hard seats. A cabin has four soft sleepers(top and low) with a door which are relatively quiet and less crowd copared to hard sleeper cabins. Hard sleeper canbin has 6 sleeper(top, middle, low) but without a door. Hard seat is not recommended.

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You can go to the dinning car where you have flexible options of Chinese cuisine for lunch and dinner, but the price is a bit expensive. You can also buy the budget boxed lunch from the staff when the push the mealcart to your seat. We advise you pack some snacks with you.

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Amenities on the train

There are a bathroom, a washing desk with mirror, two smoking zones and a boiled water supply at the connecting zone of two cars. Don't worry abou the oxygen supply. The concentration of Oxygen is alway kept in balance. Each cabin has swich for oxygen. Battery charging is available on the train.

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Important tips

1. The train tickets to Lhasa often easily lack of storage, so you'd better book ASAP(30 days in advance available). How to book Tibet train ticket >>

2. The Tibet Travel Permit is required to book ticket and board the train. learn more >>

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