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What Should Tourists Pack for Tibet Tour - Tibet Travel Necessities

13 December 2022 Last updated at 16:33

Luggage is always a top concerned issue tourists want to solve. Travelling abroad must have lots of things to pack. First and foremost, pretty sure you won’t forget your camera and passport. But what other important items do you need to pack for Tibet travel? Since Tibet is located in plateau areas of average elevation of 4000m, sunblock and some certain items are great help for your Tibet travel. Here is a thoughtful collection of the must-have items to ensure you a safe and comfortable Tibet tour.


1. A large backpack and a smaller one. The smaller one (satchel) can be carried with daily activities and be put into the large backpack when necessary.

2. A waist bag to put important documents and property.


1. It's advisable to dress in layers that can be easily added or removed as temperatures vary widely within a day in Tibet.

2. A windbreaker, a fleece jacket and other warm coats are advisable at any time of year.

3. Waterproof clothing and raingear (raincoat) are highly recommended if you come to Tibet in July and August of summer because it rains frequently during this period.

4. You'd better dress in dark colored clothes as the road outside of Lhasa is very dusty and dirty.

5. A down jacket (better with hat) together with other warm-keeping clothing is necessary when you stay outdoors in Tibet at night or if you want to travel into remote areas or to have a trekking tour.

6. Women should avoid skirts or dresses.

7. A pair of slippers and a pair of durable and comfortable shoes, like sport footwear, snow boots when needed. Water-proof and warm-keeping climbing shoes are recommended.

Avoid Sunburn

1. High SPF sunscreen cream, sun block, skin cream, hand cream and lip balm against intense sunlight and dry weather.

2. Sunglasses, sunhat and seamless scarf can protect you effectively from being exposed to the scorching sunlight.


1. Medicine to prevent and lessen High Altitude Sickness, such as Diamox.

2. Medicine for cold, headache, stomachache, diarrhea, nausea, insect bite, etc. such as Aspirin, Diphenoxylate, and Prochlorperazine.

3. Band-aids or other wound dressings.

4. Nasal ointment, nasal sprays and throat lozenges if you are sensitive to dry, chilly or freezing weather conditions.

5. Multivitamins.

Note: Please consult your doctor prior to your Tibet tour!

Other Gears:

1. Enough Cash (RMB/CNY). Bank card service is only available in few major destinations in Tibet.

2. A water bottle and calorie-dense food, like chocolate, compressed biscuit and some fresh fruit. Or prepare candies for Tibetan children you will meet.

3. Charger, power bank and plug adaptor.

4. A set of simple toiletries if you are not used to hotel supplies.

5. A solar flashlight (in case of power cut).

6. Tissues and wet tissues, plastic bags for occasional use.

7. Oxygen canisters are easily available in Lhasa. You can buy them from hospitals, hotels, downtown markets, etc. if necessary.

8. Trekking equipment (such as sleeping bags, compass, etc.) if you plan to have a hiking or camping tour in Tibet. Or you can buy it in Lhasa.

Travel light! Heavy baggage will weaken you on the plateau. But the things mentioned above are essential since Tibet is on the roof of the world and most parts of Tibet are remote areas.

Packing Guide of Tibet Tour A Tibet Backpacker Wear Sunglasses
Packing Guide of Tibet TourDaily Medicines and Bandage
Packing Guide of Tibet TourCash and Other Travel Necessities
Packing Guide of Tibet TouristTourists in Shirts Visiting Barkhor Street

What Can You Buy in Tibet?

In order to make your Tibet travel more comfortable and smoothly, all mentioned stuff is recommended to carry with you during your journey, especially when you are in urgent need of one of them. But taking lots of luggage for a highland travel is rather strenuous. There comes another choice for your easy package – buy some items in Tibet instead of bringing them to the train/flight.

Lhasa, the provincial capital of Tibet, is the most developed economic area among all destinations. So tourists can purchase daily living goods like toiletries, tissues, food, drinks and fruit, even clothes, socks and gloves in stores or supermarkets in downtown Lhasa, which is close to Potala Palace and Barkhor Street. Below are some big supermarkets or shopping mall for your reference.

    Lhasa Department Store – Located at the south of Potala Palace, west of Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street, the store can be get to within 15~ 20 minutes’ walk from Potala Palace. It is one of shopping mall in Tibet selling clothing, shoes and souvenirs if you are a good bargainer.

    Baiyi Supermarket – It is a chain supermarket in Tibet located on the 1F of Lhasa Department Store. Basically, Baiyi Supermarket offers all kinds of merchandise at a higher price than inland cities. If you want to buy some food, drinks or tourist souvenirs in Lhasa, it is a good choice. Yogurt sold outside the store is said to be delicious and worth trying.

    Lhasa Shenli Times Square – A shopping center covers clothes, café & drinks, electronics technology, outdoor sport and golden jewelry and underground supermarkets. It is also in the downtown area, east of Potala Palace where you can get it easily.

    Lhasa Supermarket and StoreLhasa Department Store & Baiyi Supermarket
    Lhasa Supermarket and StoreLhasa Shenli Times Square

    Recommended Tour Packages

    Tibet has too much to offer. And our aim is to bring you the best experience in Tibet. Following are some other recommended Tibet tour packages that you may be interested in. All of our Tibet tour packages are customizable to meet your personal requirements. You can also contact us to customize a trip if you want or check more Tibet Tours>

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