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Updated Tibet Railway Maps and Train Routes Maps

14 December 2022 Last updated at 10:55

As Train tour becomes more popular among Tibet travelers, the world-famous Qinghai-Tibet Railway offers direct accesses to experiencing the unique train sightseeing along the Qinghai-Tibet plateau.

Convenient transportation demands are gradually fulfilled with more rail links with Qinghai-Tibet Railway. If you plan to take train from or to Tibet, the following informative maps of Tibet railways, Qinghai Tibet Railway, and Tibet train routes, such as Beijing Lhasa train map, Chengdu Lhasa train map, Shanghai Lhasa train map, etc are helpful references.

Popular Tibet Train Maps
Beijing Lhasa Train Map
Popular Tibet Train Maps
Shanghai Lhasa Train Map
Popular Tibet Train Maps
Guangzhou Lhasa Train Map
Popular Tibet Train Maps
Chengdu Lhasa Train Map
Popular Tibet Train Maps
Chongqing Lhasa Train Map
Popular Tibet Train Maps
Xining Lhasa Train Map
Popular Tibet Train Maps
Lanzhou Lhasa Train Map
Popular Tibet Train Maps
Xian Lhasa Train Map

How to Plan A Tibet Tour

Tibet is too vast to be visited in one single trip, but planning ahead of time can make most of your holiday. A classic Tibet tour always takes about 4 ~ 8 days. Apart from 2 days for arrival and departure, it usually needs 2 other days to explore majestic Potala Palace and other landmarks in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. With a day trip’s distance from Lhasa, Namtso Lake is another perfect tour extension if you visit Tibet from May to October.

☛ 4 Days Holy City Lhasa Private Tour - Heart of Tibet

☛ 5 Days Lhasa City and Holy Lake Namtso Tour

To explore further, it’s strongly recommended to travel from Lhasa to Mount Everest via Gyantse and Shigatse, which usually needs 4 more days. It is an unforgettable sightseeing trip with lots of attractions to visit, such as Yamdrok Lake, Karola Glacier, Kumbum Stupa of Palcho Monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery, etc. Of course, the biggest draw must be gazing upon the unparalleled north face of the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest.

☛ 6 Days Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Historical Tour

☛ 8 Days Everest Base Camp Tour - Top of the World

☛ 9 Days Tibet Discovery Tour plus Everest and Namtso Expedition

For Buddhist followers and hiking lovers, you are suggested to travel to Ngari to join the kora around the holy Mt. Kailash and sacred Lake Manasarovar, which usually takes about 5 ~ 8 more days from Lhasa. The wild nature of Ngari is spectacular as well.

☛ 13 Days Mt. Kailash & Lake Manasarovar Trekking Tour

☛ 16 Days Mt.Kailash Pilgrimage Private Tour

Tibet Lhasa, Namtso, Mount Everest and Ngari are four most popular destinations in Tibet

Recommended Tibet Train Tour Packages

Check out our most popular train tour packages departing from most popular gateway cities to Tibet - Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Xining, Shanghai, etc. All packages are customizable according to your requirements. If you have more time, you can extend your trip from Lhasa to other popular destinations, such as Shigatse, Mount Everest, Nyingchi, Ngari, etc. Check more >Tibet Train Tours

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