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Hi Lyn,

The arrangement was quick and you answered all my questions very directly which was very helpful. I will recommend Tibet Discovery to all my interested korean friends.


May 22, 2016

Dear Rita,

We did need some time to get back into the Dutch normal life. We saw so many beautiful things in China & Tibet and we had a great time!

Actually we needed a vacation when we got back. Last weekend we finally saw all our pictures (2100 in total) and films we made.Thank you so much for all the arrangements! You made our trip unforgettable! The most beautiful place for us was Jiuzhaigou. So glad we went there!In blue we put our comments/advice about the trip.

Thanks again for all your hard work in putting this trip together for us.

Kind regards!

The following picture were shared by Daniela & Wiebe.

giant panda

May 18, 2016

Dear Rita,

Thanks again for organising a memorable tour.

The arrangements are very well organized with reliable services and good tour guides. I’m willing to recommend our service to those who would like to come to China. Your team is very professional and I think you will do better if you mix in more of the local visits that are not in the guide book.

Kind regards!

May 15, 2016

Hi Wendy,

Thank you very much Wendy for everything. Our tour was wonderful. We are very grateful of your service.

About the feedback:

1. Was your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?
- Yes absolutely 

2. How was your tour? Are you satisfied with the tour we arranged for you ? 
- Excellent. Yes satisfied. 

3. Do you have any suggestions on improving our service?
- More time in Everest base camp.

Thank you again Wendy!

Kind regards

Nicolás Vargas Mordoh

May 3, 2016

Hi Wendy,

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner- reception has been patchy. I wanted to say thankyou so much for organising a fabulous trip and being so helpful and responsive! We had a great time! I've filled the questions out below- happy for you to publish them on your website. I'll have to email you photos when we get back.

1. Wendy was extremely responsive in answering our queries and very patient with all of them!

2. Ther tour was great. We felt that it showcased the highlights of Lhasa and was very informative. It also left us enough time to wander around and soak up the atmosphere. I would recommend the tour and tibet discovery to anyone visiting Tibet.

3. No suggestions for improvement- great as it was!

April 30, 2016

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