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Hi Laura,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. We got a flu with we are still getting over.

We had a brilliant time thanks to your fantastic service and great itinerary. The accomodation was average in Tibet but not shaw if that was to do with tibet office/guide trying to put us into sub standard rooms? The guide was good but did not really go out of his way to help us, just did what he needed to do. In the evening in a couple of places we said where would be good to eat and he replied there were a lot of resturants up and down the street! That was true which is fine if you can speak Chinese!
The car and driver were great as it is a difficult . At the border to Nepal there was confusion but managed .
Katmandu hotel was well located but average rooms, that was ok though as the manager was very friendly and the food was good. Also on our last night the owner of the tour company took us out for a meal which was brilliant. Very thoughtful and memorable.
Bhutan was fantastic. The guide was so friendly and knowledgable and again difficult driving conditions and did really well. Accomodation in Thimphu as you know was very average but the next night was great thanks to you. I feel in future it is better to make sure that the accomodation is upgraded slightly. The reason is our 3 star accomodation would be like 4-5 star in china/tibet etc. after a long journey it is important to get to a clean, comfortable note.

We really enjoyed the whole trip and we thank you so much for making that happen.

Kind regards

Helena and Peterx

June 12, 2014

Hi Wonder

Everything was fine and the Guide was very organized and very friendly! Please tell also the agency that he's really recommendable!!
The Tour is Great!

Many greetings from Lhasa!


June 11, 2014

Hi Tiger,

Thank you very much for this travel,it was so well. We are very happy for all visit. The "warriors "are so beautifull ,last saturday on french TV we have seen this place and some more french it is better for us because our english is not fantastic! I like also Lasa with all  typical people tibetain so fantastic.

It was a very good organisation. Thank you for all.

I hope you have a long way in this work and happiness for you and your family.

Bests regards

Lette and Jean Michel Thomas

June 12, 2014

Feedback to Tibet Discovery:

I have been using Tibet Discovery as my travel agent in China since I first went to that country in 2012, and have made 5 trips since that time for official work and tourism, average three weeks each time, banking on this company for my hotel bookings, airport pickup, purchase of train and air tickets, cruise bookings, and guided tours.

Excellent service. Those of us from Europe, America, or other countries will get pleasant surprises. At least some employees work all their waking hours, and are prompt in replying e-mails. Thus the planning is convenient. Some of us went through a lot of comparison before selecting this company.

Confirmation of our bookings will come to us in e-mail. This electronic copy will suffice for all purposes except train travel. We must produce the original ticket before boarding a train in China. For that, we may go to any one train station, show passport, and obtain all tickets in original.

Once I had to cancel my next day’s guided tour of Shanghai city because of some unforeseen work. At only a few hours’ notice, Tibet Discovery arranged an alternate night-tour for me—unforgettable tour—paid me back in cash the difference in the cost, and reached me to the airport the next day morning.

At another time, I had to cancel 3 train tickets, they have promptly refunded the amount back to my credit card.

These are my experiences. I found the company genuine. There is no deception. I would recommend this travel agent for all travel requirement in China. You may talk to them any time on phone or on Skype. The payment must be made only through PayPal.


June 11, 2014

Hey Ian,

I wanted to write you anyway and thank you for arranging such a nice trip for us !!

In detail:

1. We liked all the tour arrangements, only we could have stopped more often in small scenic villages!
2. I already recommended your agency :)
3. We wer generally satisfied with your service
4. The only suggestion is to stop more in small villages and individualize the trip a little bit with these stops

I will convey you some pictures as soon as possible

thank you for everything !!


June 4, 2014

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