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Hello Judy,

I just wanted to thank you & Laura for all your help with making our trip to China a success.

We had the most wonderful time and all of the plans worked out smoothly. I would like to compliment you & your travel organization on arranging the best tour guides during our trip. Each one of them was superb! They were knowledgeable, genuinely concerned with our accommodations, food, comfort, & safety. We felt totally comfortable with each & every one of them during our visit. I especially want to thank Zack for making sure that I was able to hold the panda!

Cookie, Tina, Jerry Lee, Zack, Vanessa, Tenzin, Hpaka, & Helen were all great. My thanks to them. I hope I have not forgotten any of them. Please pass along our compliments to them all. If we are able to return to China sometime in the future as possibly our son will be staying longer, we will definitely contact you for travel arrangements.

Thank you again,

Debbie & David Kaczmarski
June 15, 2012

Dear Bruce,

Back today from our China Trip. Everything went well and was excellently organized. Thank you very much for everything !! Coming back to you if a Tibet trip will be on our schedule in the future.

Have a nice day!!

Best regards!

June 16, 2012

Kevin Reviews Tibet Discovery on Trip Advisor:

“Fantastic holiday - difficult to find adequate words to describe it!”

We have just returned from our fantastic adventure in China, and would just like to say a great thank you to you and everyone in Tibert Discovery Tours who have helped make this trip so memorable for us. We have seen magnificent sights and eaten such great food, that I don't think we will ever forget our wonderful holiday – it was truly superb!

We had a great time in Beijing, and were very grateful for Yoyo who kept us going – she was a wonderful guide with excellent English which made it so much more enjoyable for us. I will always remember her way of dealing with queues, and her bubbly character and expert knowledge turned a good holiday into a great one for which we will always be grateful!

Despite some last minute changes because of the extra limitations put upon us by the authorities - thanks again Elena for sorting this out and combining with the two others to form a group greater than 4!, we managed to get to Tibet. Lhasa and Tibet were again another highlight for us, and again our guide Luo Sang, could not have been better – his knowledge of the people, sights and Buddhist religion was truly encyclopaedic. Again, his character and that of our driver (sorry I don’t know his name) was perfect for us and as well as looking at the magnificent scenery, we learnt a great deal about Tibet. The highlight being the views of Qomolangma which were truly breath-taking in more than one sense! – it was really very difficult to leave Everest Base Camp and the beautiful sight of the mountain, which will remain with me always.

Laura, I hope that I have managed to give you at least some idea of the truly great time we had in China, thank you so much for your help in making our holiday such a great and memorable adventure, and all the extra running around you had to do due to the last-minute changes to the travel permit requirements to get to Tibet!

Certainly a holiday of a lifetime which we will always remember!

May 26, 2012

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for such a quick and informative reply.

Yes, Amila Sunje was the one who recommended you. They are absolutely thrilled with your help and the entire trip was fantastic experience.

We'd like to stay for approximately 25 days visit the same destinations as Amila's family. If this is possible, please send us an offer which would include 5 days in Tibet as well and then we will wait for the information update.

Once again thanks a lot and all the best to you!

June 10, 2012

Hi Bruce,

Back home, and all went well. Thanks for checking up on us; even for the parts that were not included in the package. Everything was seamless with no major issues. This is obviously the result of great planning and execution on your part.

Special note for your reference. We arranged for a trip to the Panda Base, and a mountain with a Tao temple on top (about an hour away from Chengdu) all done on the same day. The travel office at the Sunshine Hotel quoted a price but was unable to execute the plan, so we took a walk over to the Water Hotel and the Assistant Manager, by the name of Viince, did a fine job for us by providing a car/driver and service at a better rate and we had an excellent experience.

Stay well.

When we return to China we'll be in touch.

June 3, 2012

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