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Everest Tours and Travel 2024

Mount Everest Facts & Introduction

While coming to the roof of the world, why do not continue to the top? Because Mount Everest is an epic adventure of a lifetime!

Mt. Everest(8,848 meters) locates at the border between China and Nepal. It is the holy climbing destination for mountaineers in the world. In 1921, George Mallory and Guy Bullock launched mankind's first attempt to conquer this highest peak in the world, But only after more than 10 failed attempts by different teams, till May 29, 1953, the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and the Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay finally made it to reach put Mount Everest under the feet of mankind. Then Mount Everest had become the private trekking or mountaineering destination for for adventure lovers for decades because of harsh environment and terrible transportation. But now, regular tourists can also realize their Everest dreams because a well-paved road has been built to reach the Everest Base Camp. Besides, supporting facilities, such as electricity, restaurants, hotels, etc, also have been matched in the EBC region.

How to plan a trip to Mount Everest

The best time for traveling or climbing Mt. Everest is the periods between late April and early June, along with early September and late October, with relatively mild and steady weather with less rain or snow.

Driving is the only way to travel to Mount Everest which is about 600km from Lhasa and 450km from Kathmandu, Nepal. Traveling from Lhasa, via Gyantse, Shigatse to Everest is the most classic route with many wonderful attractions along. You can also travel from Nepal to Everest, then extend to Shigatse, Gyantse to Lhasa.

Just join our tours to visit it, discover it, enjoy it and finally love it! Check out our most popular Tibet tour packages to Everest. Do remember that all of our private tours are customizable!

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Most Popular Tibet Everest Tours & EBC Trek

18 Days Lhasa to Mount Everest Private Tour Add to my wishlist

Beautiful Mount Everest in Autumn

Destinations: Lhasa / Gyantse / Shigatse / Everest / Lhasa

Highlights: Potala Palace, Yamdrok Lake, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Mt. Everest

Your Tibet tour isn't complete without a visit to Mt. Everest. This tour offers you a complete Tibet tour and weaves together Tibet's most famous sites into a package. Apart from viewing the wonders in Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse, you will discover the alpine lakes, blue skies, snow-capped mountains, amazing sunrise and sacred sites, and deeply devoted pilgrims on your way to Mt. Everest. You must get an unforgettable experience.

17 Days Kathmandu to Lhasa Private Tour via Mount Everest Add to my wishlist

Walking Around on Mount Everest

Destinations: Kathmandu - Gyirong - Everest - Shigatse - Gyantse - Lhasa

Highlights: Mount Everest, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Yamdrok Lake, Potala Palace

This tour is specially designed for those who want to travel to Tibet from Nepal. It starts from the capital city of Nepal - Kathmandu, then goes northeastward to Lhasa. Highlights come along the way from beginning to the end. You will firstly go to have an exciting adventure on Mount Everest which is not very far away from Nepal side. Then you will travel to the Golden Triangle Destinations in Tibet - Shigatse, Gyantse and Lhasa. Traveling from Nepal to Tibet, you don't have to apply for a Chinese Tourist Visa ahead. A Group Visa, which can be obtained in the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, is required. Tibet Discovery will apply for it for you.

17 Days Lhasa to Gyirong Border Overland Tour via Mount Everest Add to my wishlist

Yamdrok Lake

Destinations: Lhasa / Gyantse / Shigatse / Mount Everest / Gyirong

Highlights: Potala Palace, Yamdrok Lake, Palcho Monastery, Mount Everest

This overland adventure is a deep exploration into exotic Tibet at the same time a time-saving journey. You will begin your journey in Lhasa where you will explore the world-famous Potala Palace and other Tibetan cultural sites, then travel crossing the 'Roof of the World' and finally arrive in lush green Nepalese valleys. There are dozens of things to see and feel, such as beautiful Yamdrok Lake, grand Palcho Monastery, magnificent Gagula Pass, etc. You also have a chance to witness a beautiful sunrise of unparalleled vistas of Mt Everest. So make sure your camera is charged and be prepared to have your breath taken away.

19 Days Tibet Discovery Tour plus Everest and Namtso Expedition Add to my wishlist

Tibetan Yak by the side of Namtso Lake

Destinations: Lhasa / Shigatse / Mount Everest / Namtso Lake / Lhasa

Highlights: Potala Palace, Yamdrok Lake, Mt. Everest, Namtso Lake

Tibet, the roof of the world, is a uniquely spiritual place where you will experience numerous fleeting and precious moments which may leave you a lifetime long memory. This longer trip is the REAL Tibet Discovery tour on which you will discover the most famous attractions and destinations from Lhasa to Gyantse, Shigatse, Mount Everest and Namtso Lake. Many highlights of Tibetan culture especially the Buddhism are covered in the package. This tour is also strongly recommended those interested in photography. So remember to take your camera, take two!

112 Days Beijing Lhasa Everest Highlights Tour Add to my wishlist

Tibetan Praiyer Flags on Mount Everest

Destinations: Beijing / Lhasa / Shigatse / Everest / Lhasa

Highlights: Forbidden City, Great Wall, Potala Palace, Mt. Everest

During this overland journey, you meet the most magnificent contrasts while enjoy breathtaking plateau landscape. Most importantly, you are going to conquer the peak of the world - Everest.

113 Days Beijing Xian Lhasa Kathmandu Adventure Tour Add to my wishlist

Terra-Cotta Warriors - Eighth Wonder of the World

Destinations: Beijing / Xian / Lhasa / Shigatse / Gyantse / Mount Everest / Gyirong / Kathmandu

Highlights: Forbidden City, Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Potala Palace, Mt. Everest

This tour combines both the classic highlights of Tibet and China's other regions, including Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, and Mount Everest. Start your adventure from the capital of China - Beijing, and finish at Gyirong Port on the Nepal Tibet border so that you don't have to return to Lhasa or other cities in China to get home. It's a wonderful tour full of diverse experiences - cultural contrast, different sceneries, meeting local people, high speed train, overland driving...

110 Days Chengdu Lhasa Everest Overland Tour Add to my wishlist

Magnificent Mount Everest

Destinations: Chengdu / Lhasa / Lhasa / Shigatse / Gyantse / Mount Everest / Lhasa

Highlights: Panda Base, Potala Palace, Yamdrok Lake, Palcho Monastery Mt.Everest

This tour is made for those who want to have a short stay in Chengdu and a deep discovery of Tibet. Before heading to Tibet, you have the chance to enjoy a close visit to the giant panda which is known as “living fossil” in “laid-back” Chengdu. In Tibet, you will spend several days exploring Lhasa, then go to visit the peak of the world - Mt. Everest via Gyantse and Shigatse. On your journey, you will experience all features of Tibet – holy palace and monastery, snow-capped mountain, sacred lake, devoted pilgrims etc.

112 Days Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour Add to my wishlist

Walking Around on Mount Everest

Destinations: Lhasa / Gyantse / Shigatse / Old Tingri / Everest Base Camp / Lhasa

Highlights: Trekking to Everest Base Camp, Yamdrok Lake, Palcho Monastery, Potala Palace

For ambitious travelers who love trekking while surrounded by stunningly beautiful landscapes. This adventurous journey will fulfill your passion for nature and open up a new world to explore. Three days of trekking will give you plenty of time to marvel at the magnificent scenery of the world's highest mountain, Mt. Everest, and the surrounding peaks; Gaze up at Mt. Everest to get great photographic shooting opportunities during sunrise and sunset.

18 Days Kathmandu to Lhasa with Mount Everest Adventure by Flight Add to my wishlist

Sunset on Mount Everest

Destinations: Kathmandu / Lhasa / Gyantse / Shigatse / Everest / Gyirong / Kathmandu

Highlights: Potala Palace, YamdrokLake, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Mt. Everest

After experiencing serenity in Kathmandu, most tourists are likely to choose mysterious Tibet as their next destination. Starting from the holy city Lhasa and experiencing the sacred Buddhist culture in the great monasteries, you will go on your trip in amazing Gyantse and Shigatse to get a better understanding of Tibet. Then comes the most expected destination - Everest, which is covered with snow all the year around. It is somebody’s lifetime dream to reach to the summit of the mountain.

118 Days Vast China Tour including Holy Tibet with Overland Trip to Nepal Border Add to my wishlist

Destinations: Hong Kong / Guilin / Beijing / Xian / Chengdu / Lhasa / Gyantse / Shigatse / Everest / Gyirong

Highlights: Highlights: Victoria Peak, Li River, Great Wall, Tarra-cotta Warriors, Giant Panda, Potala Palace, Mount Everest

China is vast and off-the-scale massive. This 18 days tour provides the China’s diversity to you in a deeper degree. You can start from the modern metropolis Hong Kong to the charming ancient capitals - Xian and Beijing. You will also experience the fairy-tale Karst pinnacles in Guilin and the high plateau landscapes of Tibet. Moreover, you won’t miss the various featured architectures of China...

118 Days In-depth China Holiday with Tibet Highlights Tour Add to my wishlist

Fishinman of Li River

Destinations: Beijing / Xian / Shanghai / Guilin / Chengdu / Lhasa / Mount Everest / Gyirong / Kathmandu

Highlights: Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, The Bund, Li River, Giant Panda, Potala Palace, Yamdrok Lake, Mount Everest

This long China tour up to 18 days is an in-depth China tour covering the most popular tourist destinations both in China and Tibet. You will travel from the prosperous southern China to the historical northern area, then fly over thousands of mountains to explore the holy land Tibet. Modern city, beautiful countryside, giant panda, World Cultural Heritage Sites, food street, pilgrimage, Tibetan architecture, plateau lakes, snow mountains... there are so many things to see and experience in this tour!

119 Days China Tibet Relaxing Vacation Tour from Kathmandu Add to my wishlist

Relaxing Yangtze River Cruise

Destinations: Kathmandu / Gyirong / Everest / Lhasa / Xian / Beijing / Chengdu / Yangtze River Cruise / Shanghai

Highlights: Mount Everest, Potala Palace, Terracotta Warriors, Great Wall, Giant Panda, Three Gorges Dam, The Bund

The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, is a perfect gateway city to start your Tibet trip. Only after about 160km's driving, you will get to the Gyirong Port on the Nepal Tibet border, and travel along the classic Kathmandu to Lhasa overland route via Mount Everest, Shigatse, Gyantse. After the memorable Tibet journey, you will fly from Lhasa to China's other regions to discover the most beautiful and recommended destinations, including the ancient capitals Xian and Beijing, hometown of panda Chengdu, majestic Yangtze River, and modern Shanghai.

19 Days Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Tour via Everest and Tsetang Add to my wishlist

The Entrance of Samye Monastery

Destinations: Kathmandu / Gyirong / Mt. Everest / Shigatse / Tsetang / Lhasa

Highlights: Mt. Everest, Tashilumpo Monastery, Yamdrok Lake, Samye Monastery / Potala Palace, Barkhor Street

Take this amazing overland journey across the roof of the world Himalaya. From the historical city of Kathmandu, travel overland to Tibet high plateau - conquering the Mount Everest, wandering in peaceful Tibetan monasteries, take beautiful pictures of pure lakes, explore the birthplace of Tibetan civilization Tsetang. Your tour ends at the holy city Lhasa.

Recommended Budget Group Tibet Tours with Fixed Departures

Tibet Discovery also offers classic small group tours which greatly cut down your budget by sharing accommodation, vehicle and tour guide, takes the hassle out of travel, and let you focus your eyes and mind on travel.

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