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Dear Isabel

Your service was wonderful and Wong Chu (spelling?), our driver, was competent, safe and wonderful and Lobsang, our guide, was fabulous!  

We were particularly happy that both were native Tibetans so that they knew their countries culture and history so very well.  Lobsang told us so much about the Buddhist history and practices (Debra also practices Tibetan Buddhism) that it really enriched our experience of their amazing country.

The hotels were fine, but we did have some trouble sleeping at the Everest Hotel - but that was because of the altitude.  We really appreciated the location of the hotel in Lhasa because it allowed us to walk into the Old Town.  Even our first hotel in Tibet was fine.  We loved the view of the mountain and valley and the breakfast was excellent.  We really liked our hotel in Shigatse, too, and found Shigatse a delightful city.

I had been disappointed by not having an  operable window in the car because I would sometimes take photos out the window as we were driving, so Lobsang and Wong Chu actually bought a new operable sliding window and installed it in the car!  That was truly above and beyond the call of duty.

Also, although it was not a scheduled activity, I had seen a poster for the Princess Wencheng extravaganza and wanted to go, so Wong Chu drove and attended the performance with me so that I could see it.  (It was amazing!)

I will send you links to some of my photos after I have selected out the best ones.

Thank you so very much, again, for putting together a wonderful tour that will never be forgotten.  Already my friends are asking for your name.  



Lyrinda Snyderman

July 28, 2014

Hi Wonder

We have made it safely and I absolutely loved the train,  a true highlight for me.   I loved the scenery, this is a must for all.   It was a little long for Shellie but she managed.  

Our guide was fantastic.

Shellie and Lorna


July 26, 2014

Dear Bella

I really enjoyed my travel experience with your agency.  All of the guides were exceptional, especially, the one from Beijing, X’ian and Guilin.  They were very accommodating.  The one from Tibet was OK. 

Eventhough we could not go to Longshen, I appreciated the extra effort that Alice did for me in order to compensate.  I recommend your agency that is very professional and worrisome for the wellbeing of their clients.

Thank-you very much for everything!  If I return to China, I will certainly want to do business with you again.  Yes, I am in Hong Kong. 

Best Regards,


July 8, 2014

Hi Laura

Everything was fantastic thanks, a once in a life experience. The guide and driver looked after all our needs 24hours a day. Glad we had the oxygen too, it was very high at Mt everest!

Thanks again for organising our tour.

Garry COX

June 26, 2014

Dear Ian

I've returned yesterday and I had an amazing time in Tibet!

First of all I have to say that I had the best tour guide one can wish for!!! She has been so lovely, kind and wonderful! I have learned so much about Tibetan culture, Buddhism and the history of the country! She took me to amazing little local restaurants in which we had the most delicious food!! I am so grateful for having her as my tour guide and I had the best experience I could have wished for!! My days in Tibet were absolutely wonderful!! The hotel was great, everyone was very friendly, helpful and simply amazing!! And out driver was so lovely!! Very experienced and I always felt very safe driving around the sometimes bumpy streets in Tibet! 

I would definitely recommend and also return to Tibet again! 


June 20, 2014

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