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Hi Ian....

I'm great and my Tibet tour was wonderfull. Actually I'm blessed that EBC closed because my equipment not suitable for Everest which just know when I touch down Lhasa. First time I'm disappointed but I reliaze that God know the best ????.

1. How about your tour arrangements ?

Very good. Even that change because of the earthquake, Laosang still can make the good re-planning.

2. Are you willing to recommend our service  those who would like to come to Tibet ? 

Already. Maybe next year same month same date I'll come again to Tibet together with my friends and I'll contact you for sure.

3. Your general opinion on us?  

Good travel agency and Ian you're a very good, nice, patient from the first time I email you. 

4. What will be your suggestions regarding how to improve our services?

Nothing for now. Everything so good. Maybe next if I remember a thing hahaha.

Dekang Hotel is a wonderfull hotel which there're very clean, warm, and complete with helpfull reception and smile everywhere. For 3 stars hotel really you can't ask more. It's already beyond the hotel class.

Laosang as a tour guide also doing his job perfectly. Want ask him again if I came back next year.

Traveller Blog ? Sorry I never write something like that. I'm talkative person type. ????

But if I write it, I'll share with you.

Finally, I already entrusting your Tenun Ikat and Batik to Laosang.

Thank you very very much.

Best Regards,


April 29, 2015

Thank you Tiger

 My wife and I appreciate ?the refund of $2,880 and feel it is fair, given the circumstances. We will be sharing with others how well we have been treated by you and Tibet Discovery and hope to work with you agian soon. In the meantime we will continue to pray for the people of Nepal.


April 29, 2015

Hi Olivia,

After Tibet, we stayed in Hong Kong for two nights.  We got back to the USA on April 24.

We had a wonderful time in Lhasa thanks in large part to you. Here is my specific feedback to your three questions:

1.  Your service was excellent.  You were very responsive to all of my questions and concerns.  You not only provided us with a detailed itinerary but you were able to adjust the itinerary and accommodations based on my particular needs.  We also appreciate your willingness to meet us at our Chengdu hotel to give us the Tibet travel permit and answer any last minute questions.  After all of the email exchanges, it was nice to actually meet the person behind the emails.  Thank you for such great service!

2.  Our tour guide in Lhasa was enthusiastic and knowledgeable of Tibetan culture, but his English skills were limited.  We had a very difficult time understanding him because of his poor pronunciation.  His English should improve with more experience interacting with English-speaking clients.

3.  We enjoyed all sites visited in Lhasa, which included the Potala Palace, Joking Temple, Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery.  They are obviously must-see sights in Lhasa, and we are glad that we had the opportunity to spend time at each site.  We also liked the Gang-gyan Lhasa Hotel (thank you for upgrading us to better rooms), but the service and breakfast food at the hotel were not good.

I hope that this feedback helps your company.  Now that we have a 10-year China visa, we plan to come back to China many times and would definitely use your company for our touring needs.

Again thanks for your help on this trip, and we wish you the best of success in your career.



April 27, 2015

Good morning Ian,

Thanks for the e-mail and thanks again for all your help on this trip. It was a great journey and Lhasa as well as the train journey was one of the biggest travel highlights of my life!

I would be glad to answer the questions and recommend your service!

So to answer the questions:

1. It was very good and guide was particularly good. As there are a lot of steps in both the monasteries and the palace, having the monasteries the day before the palace doesn't make too much of a difference in terms of dealing with the altitude.
2. Yes, deinitiely! You handled everything very well.
3. Very good, the quality of service was great, so thanks for everything Ian!
4. I suppose the only minor improvements would be:

- that the itinerary, *particularly* naming the hotel that I was staying in, should be reconfirmed a day or two before trip. My guide had to ring your office to determine which hotel I was staying in.
 - perhaps there could be additional sights, if possible, outside Lhasa added to the itinerary.
 - the flight options out of Lhasa and exact flight times could possibly be given in advance to help customers with other plans on the trip

I haven't written a blog online about my trip but have shared all my photos from Shutterfly with you so feel free to use any of these.

I hope to come back to China again, maybe next year to visit both Beijing and Chengdu in the one trip so if you guys can help out with anything here, I will definitely contact you!

As a matter of interest, is April or September a better month to visit these cities? A Chinese guy who works in one of the bars in Dublin that I go to a lot said that it is usually 35 degrees in both cities in September and it's better to go in April or October....what would be your opinion here?

(I know it is peak tourist season in China in September / October - it was actually 25 degrees at 17:30 PM on Wednesday evening last in Beijing so he might have a point!)

Let me know of you need anything else,


April 27, 2015


Good morning from Beijing! I wanted to take some time to thank you for everything in booking our Tibet trip, working with our unique schedule, and helping us change our mode of transportation back to Beijing at the last minute.  Luke and I had an amazing time, and Jianyong provided us with the rich cultural and adventurous experience we were looking for.  I hope all is well, and also that Selina is healthy again.  Please send her my regards.


Jeff Uphold

April 20, 2015

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