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Tibet is the perfect place for an outdoors person, with majestic Everest to climb, nomads' footstep to follow, and the cleanest rivers in the world to explore. It is no surprise that our Tibet trekking tours below have a high rate of returning visitors. One trekking trip to the "land of snow" just isn't enough.

Essential & Helpful Tibet Trekking Guide

Planning a hiking or trekking in Tibet is not as simple as planing a Lhasa tour, because the regions involved are usually remote with shortage of supply, extreme weather, bad transportation, etc. Furthermore, prepackage including hiking clothing, trekking gears, medicines, etc., is very important. But seeing from another point of thought, all the challenges are the unique rewards for the hikers.

Levels of trekking in Tibet

There are many wonderful places you can go for a trek in Tibet. It depends on how many days you have, how much budget you have, and what levels of trekking experience you prefer.

Easy walking - There are many options for a short and leisure walking of 1~2 days around Lhasa city. You can spend a full day to hike up to a mountain or into a valley, and encounter some hidden sites.

Moderate walking - Ganden to Samye trek is the most classic moderate hiking with altitude lower than 5000 meters, diverse landscapes of valleys, mountains, lakes, wild nature, etc.

Serious walking - It involves remote regions, such as Mount Everest, Mount Kailash, and needs about 2 or more days to get there, and takes 3 or more days to finish the routes.

Best time for Tibet trekking

Generally, April to June and September to October is the best time with moderate temperature and little rain and snow. July and August are great period but rainy season with bad road condition. Hiking at the outskirt of Lhasa city is available all year around.

What to eat during Tibet trekking

There isn't much to eat along the trek, so you have to pack enough food and drinks before your trek. Don't have to bring from your country, you can buy the foods suitable for trek in Lhasa or Shigatse. Bring a large-capacity water bottles to contain boiled water. If necessary, we can arrange a chief cooking for you.

Accommodation during Tibet trekking

Hiking regions are usually wild and remote, hikers will generally accommodate in the villages and monasteries which offer basic guesthouses, such as the Mount Kailash trek. As for the route which has no villages along, camping is the only choice.

Tibet Trekking pack ideas

Basic warm, comfortable and firm clothing are required. A pair of strong, well-fitting boots is necessary. We will offer tent, stove, cooking utensil and other necessary equipment for trekking and camping. The private gears and equipment, such as sleeping bag is suggested to bring on your own.

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Ama Drime region

I'm interested in trekking through the Ama Drime range for scientific purposes and I was wondering what you could tell me about accessibility of the area as well as if you offer any guiding or logistical services and how much those would cost?

Lisa Whalen
2017-09-20 18:23
Dear Lisa,

Thanks for your message. I am sorry to tell you that we don't operate trekking to Ama Drime area. Currently we can only arrange Mount Everest Trek, Mount Kailash Trek, Ganden to Samye Trek, Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trek. If you want to do a trek to above region, please feel free to let us know.
Kharte Valley trek ?
Do you run this trek July 2016?
2016-05-09 01:46
Hi Susan,

Thanks for sending us message. Yes, we will run the Kharte Valley trek in July. To help you better, I have delivered your plan to our Travel Specialists Team. One of them will reach you soon.
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