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Hey Stephanie!

Yes! We are home now. Wow! What a Journey! 

No worries, we received a note in the hotel room and a phone call that night. Communication for this trip has been excellent. I am really impressed with how smoothly everything went. 

The tour guides were pretty good:

Rocky (Beijing, day 1) was my husbands favorite. He did a great job explaining the history in a digestible way and allowing enough time for exploration, although personally I would have liked a little more time at the Great Wall. The Jade Factory was unnecessary, in my opinion. 

Selena (Beijing, day 2) was our least favorite. She has a thick accent and isn't very loud over the large crowd so it was hard to know what we were looking at. She seemed very stressed out and hurried.

Jack (Beijing, day 3) was super chill. He didn't explain what we were looking at very much, but I liked the pace of the day with him. We got some time to explore.

Darjie (Tibet) was my favorite. He was so nice and informative. I really appreciated all the information and history that he provided. 

Walden (Xi'an) was excellent as well. He is a wealth of information! Our driver from the airport, Bruce, was also exceptional. He was the only driver who spoke English (which is fine) but it was nice that he was able to explain what we were seeing on the drive and explain some more of Chinese culture. By the way, I am so glad that we added Xi'an on. It is a really cool city and it felt more authentic than Beijing. Thanks for the suggestion! 

I was really impressed that at each location we were assisted with getting checked in or getting our tickets taken care of. It was such a relief to not have to stumble through the language barrier.

I would absolutely recommend your company! I will also write a review on Trip Advisor for you. I really appreciate everything you have done.


Thank you so much!

Melissa Fuller

China Tibet Tour

Hiking the Great Wall in Beijing

China Tibet Tour

Xian is must on our Bucket List

May 12, 2018

Hi Jack,

Finally back home.
Had a fantastic trip in Chengdu and Tibet.
Weather could not have been better.
Great guides and drivers - all became good friends.
Thanks for the small gifts. I gave all to my friend Oren to give to his american friends.


May 28, 2018

Hi Wendy,

All well from Hong Kong - The group has just finished the Hong Kong tour (another great guide apparently - I did not go - have been here previously).

So THANK YOU so much for all you (& Tibet Discovery) did re the set up, planning and background work -

It has been a memorable trip for all of us and overall we are extremely satisfied customers.

All the guides you supplied for the group individual tours were excellent - 

“DJ” (Duang Juong) in Tibet (and I note here Tibet was the real reason for us doing the trip - and it exceeded all expectations)

- DJ had excellent English and was full of information and happy to discuss what the Chinese may consider “sensitive” - he did this really well (from a Chinese govt perspective) and we came away with a more positive attitude to China’s presence in Tibet - yes we know Tibet is an autonomous region of China - and it seems if the Chinese government continues to support and allow the region and its people to develop as we observed we are sure any historical differences may pass with time.

Any way, hotels ( & food) in Tibet were very good and totally acceptable - EXCEPT "Rongbuk guesthouse" - although we noted all accommodation and food here were sub-standard (surprised the Chinese government has not corrected this already - but understand there are altitude & isolation constraints ).

A note for you here - we had done a lot of altitude preparation in Nepal - but still struggled with the conditions - all tourists coming from Katmandu to Lhasa need to be very, very aware of this and need to be well prepared.

“Walden” - in Xi’an was outstanding!!!!! A highly engaging and a very intelligent young man - we wish him well in his guiding career - He is very talented (make sure you use his abilities).

“Helen” (Jueng Wai) - in Shanghai again fully engaging with good English an excellent guide - Like Walden made our tour exceptional.

“Faye" in Yichang was also good with very good English and happy to answer all our questions.

Similarly “David” in Chongqing and “Evelyn” in Guilin showed their love of their cities and with very good English did everything to show us the best of their home towns.

We loved all the train travel - it is awesome infrastructure which will serve China well and you can be very proud of the system - pity we can not do similar in Australia. But you need to inform tourists the transfers can not get you close to the trains (security tighter than airports) - so you need to carry bags (we didn’t have “rolling bags” or use porters.

So again Thank you  - we will and are very happy to recommend Tibet Discovery (and you Wendy) to any one interested travelling in Tibet and China.

A quick post script to our trip - We went to the Hong Kong light & sound show last night - We all agreed the boat cruise watching the lights in Shanghai - was MUCH BETTER -


1st place Shanghai

2nd place Hong Kong


although Guilin’s Light show was the very BEST

Wishing you well 


Reed McNaughton 


May 28, 2018

Hi Wonder,

Thank you so much for all you did for us while we was in China and Tibet, and thank you so much for the gift. It was great to meet you. We had a wonderful last few days with Angela in Xian.

We arrived home in America in the very early hours of this morning. Once we have recovered a little from the jet lag and had a few days to feel normal we will indeed write reviews about our stay.

Thanks again for all your help.

Kindest regards

Renier and Samantha Steyn    

May 6, 2018

Hello Jack,

We just returned last night from our China-Nepal-Bhutan trip and wanted to say thanks for organizing the trip of a lifetime for us.

This trip truly was spectacular. The guides were all excellent and flexible and extremely helpful. The sights were everything we hoped for and more. We loved the hotels overall and they were exactly the type we would have chosen ourselves - most were right in the heart of the best locations with local flavor and character. The travel arrangements and vehicles were comfortable and of good quality throughout.

The only small flaw in the itinerary was the guest house in Kyirong at the China-Nepal border. We realize it probably is hard to find updated accommodations there. The guest house was not even close to the standard of the other accommodations in the itinerary. It was about a one star compared to the others that were three stars. Our advice is to either find some place different for your clients or else warn them in the itinerary that the guest house is not up to standard which cannot be helped in that area.

Despite that small flaw, everything else in the itinerary was spot on for us. 

Thanks very much for all you did to make this such a special trip!



Adam and Lori Boone

May 4, 2018

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