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Hi Leo,

Must say, my Tibet trip with you guys was one of the memorable trip ever. Tibet is blessed with good landscaping. Each corner has scenic beauty and lots of culture. People are very welcoming. So, overall wonderful experience.

When you received us from Chengdu airport untill dropped us at the railway station by our Tibet tour guide by Dhargye, my family felt very special touch and care by you guys. We really appreciate it.

Even, was polite and trying to explain us each and everything in detail in Chengdu. Even he offered his mosquito spray to us. We got free very early in Chengdu so got extra time and watched movie too. Food was too good in Vegetarian restaurant.

After 36 hours journey, we found our self tired so Dhargye took us to the hotel and showed us vegetarian restaurant next to our hotel... almost daily we had meal there.

Tibet guide Dhargye, is the BEST. He knows everything big and small about Tibet. No matter, if it is food, people, crowd, timings, altitudes... anything. His small small tips created the wonders in our whole journey. He never followed the crowd, so we saw and experienced the best ALWAYS.

I got high altitude sickness at Mt. Everest. He brought oxygen cylinder at 4.30 am which made me feel little comfortable and changed his plan without thinking further and asked us to leave mountain 5.15. He promised to show us better sunrise on the way which everyone did and I slept in the car for another hour with cylinder. He was so concern same our driver. Must say, they both deserve a pat.

For me my husband and Son they appeared as life savior. Big Thanks for that.

If I say hotel, It was not that bad but definitely could have been better. Hotel Mansarovar had some sewage problem, so the washroom was so stinky. We barely breathe in the bathroom. Couldn't say anything as language problem.

Another point is, no one asked or suggested us to take flight till Xining and then train to Lhasa. In this way we could have save our big 10-11 hours easily.

Overall, It was a nice trip. Our many friends are ready to explore Tibet and we will definitely recommend you and your company (if we get good discount in future...LOL).

Will send you the pictures.


October 9, 2018

Dear Rita,

We have arrived back home to Romania, the Tibet tour was great ! I would like to thank you a lot for the service and your help, also the tour guide ( Hank) was really really great !

Thank you once again!


September 24, 2018

Dear Echo,

I would like to thank you for the amazing trip to Tibet!!! 

Everything was really well organised and I loved every bit, Lake Namtso is a very special place!!!

I would also like to mention the guide who took me to Lake Namtso, Jigme. 

We had a very good time and I would highly recommend him.

Once again, thank you for everything!

Kind regards,


September 3, 2018

Hi Rita!

Lets forget this one :-) I found out some friends of mine are in Chengdu, so we’ll be drinking tea!

Thanks again for arranging all this. Wonderfull guide, great driver.

Will recommend you to friends that want to go as well!

Kindest regards,


August 31, 2018

Hello Vivien,

Thank you for organizing this wonderful trip for my family. It was amazing experience with most of the destinations being spectacular. 

It was impressive to see the giant Buddha in Leshan, even though the line up was really long maybe because it’s a holiday season, the view was just amazing. The panda breading base was dangerously crowded even though we got there very early. The pandas mostly stay inside enclosures on the hot days, but there are not enough guards to organize that amount of people. However we really enjoyed seeing the panda documentary and because of Sophie’s instructions we were able to catch a glimpse of adorable baby pandas.  Our guide Sophie was really helpful especially when my daughter felt sick she even went to pharmacy for me to get her medicine. We really appreciate her taking us to those places. She has very good knowledge about Chengdu, also she is very friendly and has nice personality. 

The guide and the driver in Xining were unlike Sophie, they were quite cold and didn’t tell us anything about the city or lake. We just felt that they were in a rush and wanted to get rid of us as soon as possible. I was also car sick and the driver was very reluctant to stop on the way from Qinghai lake. Then the guide took us to a restaurant where we had to wait for an hour to get our food. We specifically asked her to take to a simple noodle restaurant, instead she brought us to the big restaurant with local delicacies. The guide didn’t even get to rush the stuff until I asked her. I wouldn’t recommend anyone those two people as a guide and a driver. 

The train ride to Lhasa was amazing and painful at the same time. I’d suggest other travelers to bring sanitary bags, TP and wet wipes on the  train. Every time between terrible headaches and naps I took a look outside I saw something amazing, wild yaks, goats, flocks of sheep that look like white and black giant rocks scattered around prairie. 

Finally in Lhasa. We had our guide Lhakchung and the driver greeting us. They were very nice and friendly. From day one in Tibet we felt we were in good hands. Lhakchung has such good knowledge of religion and history. The first day we went to Potala Palace and Jokhang temple and saw some amazing architecture. On that day we learned a lot about Buddha statues and Dalai Lamas. It was particularly interesting to hear a story of Jokhang. The next day we were on the way to see Drepung Minastery and attend Shoton festival. It was wonderful experience, though we could see many people giving up and heading to see Thangka from afar. I’m glad we made it all the way up to monastery and experience the joy of being there and being blessed by monks, that was absolutely phenomenal feeling. The following day was as fun as a roller coaster because we took the path and it was raining. Wonderful destinations on the way: Yamdrok and Kari-la Glacier. We were a bit tired by the time we got to Palkor Monastery but again it would have been a shame to miss it, so we made it and it had such a beautiful view. Finally the day to see Everest, and just as we thought we were looking at the most beautiful pick in the world, Lhakchung took us toRongbuk Monastery, telling us the stories of a monk meditated there for most of his life which gave an unbelievable sacred feeling to that place. How awe inspiring it was, we felt rush of adrenaline all the time being there, we had really good feeling sitting in a little diner enjoying sweet tea with French fries, playing UNO game enjoying the view of Mt. Everest. The next destination Tashilunpo was very picturesque place where we got a chance to attend morning praying ceremony and that left us with very special feeling of observing another sacred process seeing so many devoted monks chanting together. Namtso lake was also stunning destination where we got to climb on top of the hill and witness the sunset. That was so romantic and gorgeous. The last part we let ourselves relax in the hot springs for a short while. Big thanks to the driver for getting us everywhere safely. Excellent driving skills. 

Our interesting stories. We were on the train and my husband tried to help me acclimatize and tried to get more oxygen into our sleeper. Then he turned up some switch on the wall to high volume, thinking that was something to do with oxygen too. At the end of the ride, my daughter asked what does this switch do and she turned the volume of the very loud radio we had listened to during the whole ride. That was funny even with my altitude sickness.

We ordered food at Namtso lake and then we saw all the stuff and chefs coming to the diner and starting their meal before they made our food. That was hilarious, I guess service is different in different parts of the world. Thanks to Lhakchung we got our food eventually. 

It was interesting to climb up the hill at Namtso lake with such slow speed we had to make stop overs every 10 meters. And we were joking we might not make till sunset better walk slowly and catch sunrise. 

I’ll send you pictures once get some time to sit and look through them. 

As for the amenities we stayed in, actually we all had lower expectations sometimes we were pleasantly surprised. 

Personal thanks to you Vivien for working to all our needs and requests. 



August 30, 2018

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