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Good afternoon, Lyn.

Thank you very much for your email.  We did complete the tour and had a wonderful time.  Everything went smoothly and most of the tour guides were wonderful and excellent.  The hotels for the most part were pretty good, though I think some of the breakfasts at the hotels could use some improvement.  The lunches that the company suggested were also pretty good, though for we would have like more local restaurants rather than food at a hotel/spa. 

I believe we completed all the surveys that each tour guide provided us.  We really thought that Tibet Discovery was wonderful and we will definitely use it again.  It’s funny that you write because we were thinking about out next vacation for next year.  We are looking at two possibilities.  We are looking at doing Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand) or I was going to ask you again if you might be able to help me look at an itinerary and cost for the following trips that I found on the website…

We were thinking about combining these two packages that you have and would like information on the logistics of it:

10 Days Yunnan Tibet Discovery Tour


13 Days Valuable Tibet Mt. Kailash Kora Adventure Tour

Thank you so much!


Wei Chien

April 24, 2018

Hi Wonder,

Your travel consultant answered our e-mail fast and patient. And the tour guide David was very informative and helpful during my whole tour.



April 16, 2018

Hi Wenday,

Both the guide and driver are very polite and patient. We appreciated their kind help throughout the 8 days of our tour in Tibet. They are very professional and friendly.




April 13, 2018

Hello there Echo!

I am very well and hope to hear the same from you. Our whole Lhasa tour was well organized and had no problems.

Your service is efficient and compassionate. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

Much appreciation for the great service!

With much appreciation,


April 10, 2018

Hi Lyn,

We had a wonderful time in Tibet. Our guide was very good, and we had gorgeous views of Mt. Everest the day we were there.  I attached a picture of us.  

We are thinking about visiting Zhangjiajie and are interested in the 4 day Discovery Tour Route A, probably beginning April 4 if that is possible.



Mount Everest Tour

We Visited the Mount Everest Base Camp Marker

March 16, 2018

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