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Hi Vivien,

Below are a few photos, we had a very good time in Lhasa, and Pippo was a good guide. We did all the visits planned, and were lucky with the weather so we are happy.

The very good thing was the communication with you, you were always responding very quickly to all our questions, so very big plus for you Vivien!! Especially since it is so difficult to get into Tibet, you really helped us.

The only little negative is the price, although you were one of the best one with regards to the price for all the visits we had included, so I guess it really is getting into Tibet that is expensive, because it was really only 2 days of visits, with the transport to and from the airport also, and we paid a lot less for a lot more in other countries... aside from that, we were happy. Thank you again Vivien!


Tibet Lhasa Tour

Julie (from France) and Guide Pippo at front of Potala Palce in Lhasa, Tibet

Tibet Lhasa Tour

Tibet Lhasa Tour

Julie Visited Jokhang Temple in Lhasa

November 14, 2018

Hi Wonder,

For sure my friend, I Will write very good things about your job and the job of the company, bacause it was incredible, and the service of everybody was Just really perfect.

I Will say to you thanks for all the excellent attentions that you have for us, thanks for always answering everything about the tour, all the question and everything.

I Will strongly recommend the travel agency to anyone of my family or friends coming to China.

Really very happy for what we had Just live, for the persons we met and everything. We had Just a great experience, with great food and great sights. I am very happy for look up at this agency, and hope to be soon once again at china.

Thanks also for the present we Just received, was really great and an excellent detail. Thanks for the letter and the present.

I think I Will out also something like this in the TripAdvisor, and well thanks once again for everything.

Finally my friend, my best wishes to you, and hope everything Will be great with your carreer and the company. I am sure you Will be very successfull. Also a great person you are, so you have everything to be a great great professional or whatever you want to be. My we chat ID is marco_osorio, and if you we can continue also in touch by that way.

My best regards from your mexican friend:

Marco Osorio

November 6, 2018

Dear Riley Guo,

Thank you for your message and sorry for my late reply. Empty cell phone and holiday spirit..

Yes, we have made it to Kathmandu.

We had a really good time in Tibet together with our super-guide Dhorye (I hope I spell his name right)

Also walking the border at Girong went really well. Someone from the company guided us to our driver in Nepal and also through customs and immigration.

So far all went really well - thank you for your good service!

I will contact you again next week, when we are back in Amsterdam, and send you a more detailed mail with some nice pictures.

Kind regards,

Mischa Rakier

November 3, 2018

Hi Rita,

Sorry it has taken so long to reply but my email has been blocked and I could not open any files. I had a great time in Tibet and the guide Tassi  (You said Zhaki but I think that is the Chinese spelling and no one here understood that!) was great, very helpful. A great tour.

Many thanks

Regards Adrian

Below are the photos shared by Adrian about his Tibet tour.

Tibet Lhasa Tour

Tibet Lhasa Tour

Spectacular Potala Palce in Lhasa, Tibet

November 3, 2018

Hello Vivien,

Tour so far in Tibet has gone well. Saw Mt Everest very clearly yesterday - it was fantastic. Here is a photo of Ge Sang and driver there.

Carey is still unwell and decided to not go to the Rongbuk Guesthouse. He made his own alternate arrangements in hotel in Baiba.

Thank you for Shangri la guide. We will meet him (?) at the airport on Monday.

cheers John

Below is the photo shared by John about his TibetEverest tour.

Tibet Everest Tour

Mount Everest, Tibet

November 3, 2018

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