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Dear Mr Wonder Wang,

Thank you very much for your email! I really appreciate it and I am happy to hear that you are alright! I was thinking also the past months about you and the lovely people in China that I met last year, if you are healthy and well. Now the virus came to Europe and in some places, like Italy, it is vey terrible. We stay here at home and working home office. We still have food but we do not have masks and disinfectant! I use after save lotion to clean my hands. A lot of people also still think that Covid 19 is only a flu... I hope the scientists will solve the problem soon and our life will be normal again. I also hope to come to China again, I like China so much! 

I hope we hear again each other in the future, stay healthy.

Best regards 


March 20 2020

Hi Wonder!

Thank you so much for your email. It's so nice to have support from so far away!

I'm very happy that everything is more stable now in China. I really loved to visit your country.

Luckily we and our families are good, at home passing the 2 weeks "quarantine" but ok. Thank you for the information.

Kind regards,


March 20 2020


Thank you for sharing this important information with us. My daughter who traveled to Beijing 101 has been in constant contact with her exchange student and her host family and they have been very helpful in providing much needed information. We keep them in our prayers and follow all the recommendations they have made. We are hoping that all Americans can do the same as we love to travel and would like to see this pandemic eradicated. We do hope to return to China and visit some of the areas my youngest daughter was able to see. She speaks so fondly Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Be safe to you and your family


P.S: your new baby should be crawling and getting ready to walk soon.

March 20 2020

Hi Wonder,

Great to hear from you.

Perola and I were hoping that things would improve in China quite quickly and good that things are picking up once more and you can start getting tourists back into your magnificent country.

Best wishes


March 20 2020

Thank You Lily,

Right now we are stuck at our home in Lina Peru. The government closed the boarders so we can t get back to the US. But we are good just everyone is on quarantine.  I have not canceled out flights and we still are considering travel to China but we want to see how things progress. When do you think China tourism will start to return.


March 20 2020

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