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Rita you are such a sweetheart!

Thank you for thinking of us.  We are all ok- my 14 yr old boy loves not having school, my 19-yr old girl is with my parents in TX taking on line classes, and my 21 yr old man is finishing college on line and graduation is cancelled. :(

Thank you also for sending me this very informative information.

All the best to you and your family.

We all think of our wonderful trip every day & have beautiful photos on our walls to remind us how much we loved China.


March 21, 2020

Hello, Rita.

I am happy to hear from you. I have worried about you, and Jason, and the young man who was our driver, and your friends, family, and co-workers during this pandemic, especially in the early days when so many people were dying.

Thank you for the list of suggestions. Our governor of our state, Oregon, asked residents to stay home for the next few weeks, possibly through April. We are staying home with the exception of grocery shopping.

Our trips for the next few months have been cancelled (I had a trip planned to see Jordan and Egypt). One thing I am happy about is that I was able to visit your lovely country last year for two weeks. I met nice people, saw beautiful sights both in the cities and in nature -- especially the wildlife, had good food and lodgings, and was impressed with the bullet trains.

Blessings to you, too.


March 21, 2020

Mr. Wonder,

Thank you for the e-mail letting us know you are well and providing an update on the situation there.   We’re looking forward to the day we can feel the threat from the virus is over.  Hopefully, we’ll all get together to capture the lessons-learned and best practices, so we’re better prepared for the next time.

One request would be a current picture of your baby or babies?  We still think back fondly on our Silk Road trip that you expertly arranged for us.  We were at Angkor Wat and in Thailand over the Lunar New Year and sadly few tourists were there.  Hopefully tourists will quickly regain their confidence to travel again.

Again, thanks for thinking of us. And remember, if anyone asks for a recommendation of your services, we’ll respond!

Best wishes,


March 21, 2020

Hello Rita,

What a wonderful surprise it is to hear from you! :) Thank you for thinking about me during this very uncertain time. Here is Hawaii, we have 26 confirmed COVID-19 cases. My husband Started working from home since 3/17. I am a dental hygienist so my office has cancelled all my patients for the next 3 weeks. My boss is following CDC & American Dental association guidelines.

I am happy to hear that you are safe & healthy.

I am so grateful that my husband & I were able to visit your country. I LOVED China so much. We had wonderful weather & clear skies. We had purchased a pack of N95 masks that we took to China but never used. I have yet to have need to use it during this COVID-19.

I have enclosed a couple of pictures of our tour of Yellow Mountain. I wish I could be back there one day again!

You were such a pleasure to work with!

Take care Rita!

Cheers from Hawaii,


March 21, 2020

Dear Wonder,

Thank you very, very much for your message!

I must tell you that we were very worried about you, your family, and the families of all the very nice people we got to meet thanks to the wonderful (no pun intended !) trip you organized for us and which we cherish in our memories. We are extremely happy to hear from someone inside China that the situation has evolved very positively and that you feel that the crisis is on its way to be soon over in your country.

I believe that, contrarily to some other Western countries (Italy, Spain, the USA, ...), Belgium has tried to learn in a timely fashion from the Chinese experience with the novel coronavirus and that we are reasonably well prepared. Still, we are now in almost complete lockdown and life goes on in a very restricted way to limit propagation. Many of the recommendations in your document are already in force, but I shall distribute it to our circle of family and friends, since information resulting from the experience in China is obviously extremely valuable to us. We are also very grateful to China for the medical supplies your country has recently sent to supply our hospitals and our fronline medical staff.

We sincerely hope that the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis won't be too painful to bear for the Chinese people and both Monique and I wish you all the best and a speedy return to "normal" life !

Yours sincerely,


March 20 2020

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