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Hello Catherine,

Thank you so much for your kind email!

I was actually thinking about you several weeks ago! I am glad you are doing fine!

We are good here in Houston .. but  we did got affected bad too!

I hope the best for China and your family! I will go back to China next Spring to visit!

I would like to go to Guilin and the surrounding area ..please advise us where to visit.

Sincerely yours


April 11, 2020

Hi Tracy,

Great to hear from you!

We have some diving and a cruise planned the last week of April to first week of May to Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire in the Caribbean which we hope is not cancelled. We are now completing a two week ski vacation in the local mountains, and we have gotten a good work out.  Just a couple days left and we'll consider winter over.  So far, so good here...we hope to be healthy and strong when the virus visits us.  It is not smallpox, polio, or ebola but some challenge is presented. You know best about is it affecting people you know? Panic is never productive, but, challenges must be faced, especially when unavoidable. I would be interested in how you and your friends are coping with coronavirus, perhaps I can learn from you. One thing I really like about Chinese culture and society is their interest in learning from others, which I hope to do the same with you.

Remember, our house is your house if you ever come to the USA. We are booked this year as we have another two week dive vacation planned at St Kitts in the Caribbean in November. Hope to show my wife some Wudang Tai Chi next time I visit, and my son is interested in Tibet, especially Mt Everest.

Everything in God's timing, and we are always blessed to hear from you.


March 6, 2020

Hi Jack,

Thank you Jack for your email advising on corona virus and updating on the status of the virus in China. We are also following the case not only in China but all over the world. We hope that a vaccine is found soon so that the economy can return to normal. I can understand that the tourist industry is hard hit and hope that China Discovery/Tibet Discovery is able to maintain its operation until this problem is resolved.

Glad that you have read the ongseokkim website. If you so wish, recommend it to your colleagues, friends, family, etc to read. As my father's original root and thus my root is China, our history may be of interest to people in China especially those with surname of Wang.

With peace and harmony


March 27, 2020

Dear Mrs. Catherine,

Thank you so much for your kind message and for all information!

My family and I are good, we live in Sestri Levante, a small city on the sea, about 50 km from Genoa, and here the situation is good, from May 3 phase 2 will start with some less restrictions.

The situation starts to going better also in Milan, Lombardia and Piemonte but all Italy is “red zone” without transit from one city/region to another city/region.

I hope that 2021 will be our Tibet year!

And how are you? I suppose that everything is quite well in your splendid Country.

Kind regards


April 20, 2020

Ni Hao Rita,

I was very pleased to get an email from you today and know that you were safe. Our friends in Beijing have also managed to keep well by keeping isolated since January. They have a baby now so it was very important to keep well. My family and the group that travelled to Tibet with you are all safe and well. I am sorry about all the people that China has lost over the last few months to the virus. The world is a sad place to be at the present time.

In New Zealand we are entering our 4th week of full lockdown. We have all been required to stay home except for essential services. Supermarkets have stayed open but with strict distancing and only a few people allowed in at a time. This was fortunate as life would have been a lot different had the supermarkets closed. We can go out in the local area for short walks or runs for exercise but other than that police are being very strict on people who have no reason to be out and about.

We appear to be winning the fight so far as we have only had 11 lives lost and around 1500 people infected. This because our lockdown came very early and almost every New Zealander has stuck to the rules and kept apart. We also closed our borders early and it doesn’t look like anybody in New Zealand will be leaving the country or people from other countries coming here for quite some time. Possibly years. Our success in keeping the virus out, so far, means we will not have immunity to it but we have saved a lot of lives. The government will make the decision on Monday if we come out of full lockdown and what the new rules will be.

How are you in Chengdu? I hope your beautiful city has been well in the current time and suffered only a little. We hear little of how things are in China other than the numbers. I note from your attachment about Personal Protection information that your approach has been very similar to ours including policing measures and governmental control. We have done it mainly by co-operation and few have been fined or arrested for disobedience as most are in agreement with the measures taken and our government has kept us fully informed as to what is happening on a daily basis.

Stay Safe and well. Please keep me up to date with how you are. Hopefully both our countries are over the worst and we can begin contact again.


April 17, 2020

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