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All Tibet Tours: there is always a perfect trip for you

WE, at Tibet Discovery, are always stand by your side to make your Tibet dreams come true! All of our high quality trips and tours in Tibet are customizable at very reasonable prices. Your adventure of a lifetime to Tibet is just waiting for your click!

Most Popular Fixed Departure Tibet Tours

Presently, it's earlier and easier to get Tibet permits if there is more than 6 people with the same nationality in a group, so we highly recommend you to join in our fixed departure tours. It is also a way to share travel enjoyment with like-minded people and reduce the cost.

Classic Tibet Tours: never miss any must-sees & must-dos

    Tour Lhasa & Surrounding
    4 - 7 days
    Mount Everest Expedition
    9 - 12 days
    Mt. Kailash Pilgrim Tour
    12 - 18 days

Mt. Kailash Tours
The ultimate spiritual destination - Mt. Kailash Yatra! Many pilgrims come to worship the sacred mountain and walk around it. Join us and renew your heart!

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Top Destinations & Cities to Enter Tibet

    from Beijing
    from Chengdu
    from Shanghai
    from Kathmandu

Tibet Tour from Beijing
Start your jounery from the Capital Beijing to fulfill your Tibet dream. You can choose either by train or flight, all the breathtaking natural sceneries and cultures will give you lifetime experience.

Tibet Tour from Chengdu
Chengdu, the center city of southwest part of China, is always the most convenient gateway to Tibet. Here, you get a chance to see the Lovely Gaint Panda, even meet us and sip tea in our Chengdu office.

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu
Take the amazing overland journery from or to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal,across the roof of the world. Experience two different cultures and lifestyles in one trip. We show you a exotic Tibet and mysterious Nepal.

    from Yunnan
    from Xian
    from Xining
    from Hong Kong

Tibet Tour from Yunnan
A trip connect Yunnan with Tibet is a very interesting experience. You will witness the natural wonders, experience exotic ethnic culture... This is the tour! You will finish your trip at the Nepal Tibet border - Gyirong Port where you can easily get to Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

Tibet Tour from Xian
Xian is a great place to start your Tibet trip, because it has about 5 or more flights from Xian to Lhasa each day. You can also travel from other destinations to Xian first, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chengdu, then take a flight to Tibet. Trains are also available.

Tibet Tour from Xining
It is now very popular with tourist to take a train across the Tibetan Plateau from Xining to Lhasa. The distance between Lhasa and Xining is 1,972km (about 1,233 miles). On this train tour, you will pass the sparsely populated Kekexili Nature reserve in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; see wild animals through the train window; and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of Plateau lakes and snow-covered mountains along the train line.

Tibet Tour from Hong Kong
Marvel at the prosperous diversity in Hong Kong, also accomplish your ONCE IN A LIFETIME TRIP to the spiritual land Tibet.

Activities & Experiences: don't just travel, discover it!

    Hiking & Camping
    Festivals & Cultures

Tibet Hiking/Trekking Tours
From 'leisurely' to 'tough' - choose a hiking level that suits you to get close to the cold, poor, and remote hidden land, follow the footsteps of Tibetan nomads, and dig into the their local life, culture, and religion.

Tibet Cycling Tours
Discovering Tibet on two wheels is the best way to get under its skin. We've found the best trails and itineraries for taking a cycling and mountain biking trips in Tibet. Grab the bicycle and let's go!

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Tibet Festival Tours
The festival tours of Tibet in upcoming year 2011 & 2012 are on sale now! Contact us to make an advance booking of these “oven fresh” tours and experience the true essence of Tibetan people and their culture.

Custom Services & Tours for Special Interests and Themes


Tibet Family Tours
Discovery Tibet with your family! During the jounery,a wide variety of enriching family activities are waiting for you, as well as "a moving classroom" educational programs are the best gifts for your kids. Enjoy the family time togerther and let love burn out on this holy land.

Tibet Youth Tours
The best selected tours are for the youth. Choose one of the inspiring and exhilarating way to experience the most captivating and wondrous Tibet Land.

Tibet Student Tours
A live classroom experiece! It's all about bringing Tibet close to you! Educate yourself beyoud the classroom in this interactive and safe way.

Tibet Senior Tours
A once-in-a-lifetime experience to the holy land Tibet is waiting for you! After you reach the roof of the world, you get to know your life's adventures are just beginning. Surely, we promise you a comfortable, flexible and safe tour to fulfill your dream of Tibet travel.

Ready for a Tibet tour? Or still have questions? With rich experience and the love of our hometown-Tibet, we are here to help you discover the mysterious holy land. We, the LOCALS, know the land better than any other tour operators. Contact us for your own Tibet tour!

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