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Mount Kailash Tour and Trek | Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2023

Mount Kailash(6,656 m) is located in Burang County of far southwestern Tibet. It is one of the most legendary mountains in the world as the ultimate spiritual destination of Bön, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Every year, numerous devoted pilgrims come a long way from all over the world to undertake the isolated, timeless, breathtaking and fascinating spiritual Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

Mount Kailash Trek

For trekking lovers, Mount Kailash is always their dream destination. The whole circled route is about 52 km trekking taking the up-and-down paths on the mountains and valley around Kailash. For some Tibetans, 15 hours will be enough to finish this kora, while it may take 2 nights and 3 days for most tourists on foot.

How to plan a trip to Mount Kailash

The best time to go is from April to October, especially in the months of April, May, September and October. To visit Mount Kailash, tourists should not only prepare the Tibet Entry Permit, but also apply for Alien Travel Permit, which is issued by local Public Security Bureau (PSB) of Tibet. For Indians, the formalities may vary from other nationalities, so if you are Indians, please inform us in advance.

Approximately 1300 km west from Lhasa, Mount Kailash can be reached by flight and driving. Air transfer costs only 3 hours but high expense, and the flight schedule is limited usually 4 flights in a week. Ground driving takes about 3 days, goes from Lhasa via Gyantse, Shigatse, Sagar, Darchen to Kailash. The whole journey needs about 13 days to be done.

Following are our well-designed popular tour package to Kailash and Manasarovr Lake, including a fixed-departure group tour and two customizable private trips. You can also contact us to design a trip of your own based on your personal needs.

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Popular Mount Kailash Trek & Pilgrimage Tours

113 Days Tibet Tour including Mt. Kailash & Lake Manasarovar Trekking Add to my wishlist

Destinations: Lhasa / Gyantse / Shigatse / Nagri / Lhasa

Highlights: Potala Palace, Palkor Monastery, Manasarovar Lake, Mount Kailash

If you are planning to have a spiritual trek in Tibet with exploring the best of Tibet and renew your soul at the same time, this Mt. Kailash Kora is the trip to make your dream come true!

116 Days Mt.Kailash Pilgrimage Private Tour Add to my wishlist

Lake Manasarovar Kora

Destinations: Lhasa / Shigatse / Mount Everest / Mount Kailash / Lhasa

Highlights: Mount Everest, Mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lake

Every year, thousands make a pilgrimage to Kailash, following a tradition going back thousands of years. It is believed that circumambulating Mount Kailash on foot is a holy ritual that will bring good fortune.

115 Days Tibet Everest Plus Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage Group Tour Add to my wishlist

15 Days Tibet Everest Tour Plus Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage Tour

Destinations: Lhasa / Gyantse / Shigatse / Everest / Mount Kailash / Lhasa

Highlights: Potala Palace, Mount Everest, Mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lake

Join this budget Tibet tour to explore the best of Tibet, and travel overland to Kathmandu, Nepal. Join the rolling sea of murmuring pilgrims as they wend their way up to the Potala Palace on your overland tour!

113 Days Tibet to Nepal Overland Tour including Mount Everest and Kailash Add to my wishlist

Holy Mountain - Mt. Kailash

Destinations: Lhasa / Shigatse / Everest / Mount Kailash / Kathmandu

Highlights: Potala Palace, Everest, Kailash

This tour covers a full Tibet Discovery, including Golden Triangle Cities (Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse) and most attractive mountains (Mt. Everest and Mount Kailash). In this tour, you can appreciate the architectural art, the Buddhist culture, old history as well as natural beauty. In Ngari, the trekking gives you the most breathtaking landscape along Mount Kailash. After the wonder Tibet exploration, you will drive to Kathmandu via Gyirong Port directly, instead of driving back to Lhasa and transferring again.

113 Days Mount Kailash Tibet Highlights Tour from Kathmandu Add to my wishlist

Mt. Kailash South Face

Destinations: Kathmandu - Gyirong - Mount Kailash - Manasarovar Lake - Everest - Shigatse - Gyantse - Lhasa

Highlights: Mount Kailash, Mount Everest, Palcho Monastery, Yamdrok Lake, Jokhang Temple

This tour is strongly recommended for those who want to travel to Tibet from Nepal. You will enter Tibet at Gyirong Port on the border, then directly head to take the world-famous Mount Kailash & Manasarovar Lake Kora, one of the superb trekking route in the world. Leaving Mount Kailash, you will go to explore another important peak in Tibet even the world - Mount Everest, the world's highest peak. Then you will travel to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet along the Friendship Highway. There are many sites to visit along the road - Tashilhunpo Monastery, Gyantse Dzong, Yamdrok Lake, etc.

Recommended Budget Group Tibet Tours with Fixed Departures

Tibet Discovery also offers classic small group tours which greatly cut down your budget by sharing accommodation, vehicle and tour guide, takes the hassle out of travel, and let you focus your eyes and mind on travel.

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