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Tibetan Culture and Art

17 February 2020 Last updated at 12:06

The specific geographic and climactic conditions, the communication with neighboring countries and cultures, and the spreading of Buddhism together have influenced the development of Tibetan culture. Come and unveil the mystery of Tibetan culture by yourself! To see the richness and the depth of its traditions.

Tibetan Painting

Painting and sculpture are 2 of the most representative items in Tibetan art. Tibetan painting is one of the forms which helps Tibetan people strengthen their belief in Buddhism and their emotion for life. Tibetan painting mainly includes cliff painting, frescoes, Thangka and wood prints. Read more about Tibetan paintings

Tibetan Opera

Tibetan opera, called "ache lhamo" in Tibetan language, plays an important part in the social life of Tibetan people. It is a unique form in China’s various theatrical arts. Tibetan opera is an all-round performing art that tells the story by the form of folk dances and songs. Folk troupes of Tibetan opera are easily encountered any time and anywhere, with the audience from miles away crowding the performer. This art style is influenced by Tibetan Buddhism from a viewpoint of skill and content.

Tibetan Clothing

Each area of Tibet has its own distinct style of clothing. The clothes are influenced by the religion, and environment. Tibetan clothing consists of a robe and shirt. The Tibetan robe worn by men is broad and is normally fastened under the right arm, while those for women are slightly narrower, with or without sleeves. The robes are often fastened with two cloth belts. The shirts are also fastened on the right.

Tibetan Dance

Dancing is an integral part of every Tibetan's life. Tibetan people sing and dance for nearly every event: weddings, funerals, gatherings, and just for fun. There are many different styles of dance. Each area of Tibet has its own distinct style.

Tibetan Music

The charm of Tibetan songs originates from its special way of producing sound in the throat, by which the singing echoes in valleys and reaches people in the distance. Singing, loud and sonorous, has romantic color, expressing the Tibetans religious belief and their enjoying happy lives and peaceful minds.

Tibetan Architecture

All people who have been to Tibet, have been deeply impressed by the Tibetan bold love and preference to colors. From monasteries to residential buildings, from monk's to laymen's garments, even to furniture and knitting, all the colors are rich and vigorous. While keeping unique characteristics, it incorporates aspects from neighboring cultures, which has created a style of art rich in scientific and aesthetic value. Read more

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