Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon - World's Deepest Canyon

Yarlungzangbo Canyon which records world's deepest, longest, highest and most dangerous one canyon reaching depths of 5,382 meters surpassing the once-believed deepest Grand Canyon of Colorado in America.

Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon Facts

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  • Best Season: SummerAutumn
  • Type: HikingPhotograph
  • Location:
    Between Mt. Kailash and the northem section of the Himalayas
  • Altitude:
    average above 3,000 metres (9,842ft)

Yarlungzangbo Canyon  is considered as the most mysterious place in the “roof” above the Qinghai-Tiber Plateteau. "water flowing down from the highest peak" is an ancient Tibetan language for Yanglungzhangbo River.

The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon originates from Mount Kailash and running east for about 1700 km drains a northern section of the Himalayas. It is in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and around the highest peak of east Himalayas-Namjiagbarwa peak (7,787 meters above sea level), forming a huge horseshoe-shaped turn. It's an unusual canyon and the biggest moisture channel of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Tibet. It is the longest valley with it length of 496 kilo meters. The valley is home to varieties of species, due to its wide range of sea levels.

It is subtropical climate under 1000 meters’ sea level suitable for diversified tropical indigenous forest. The climate for the height of the valley varying from 1000 to 2400 is mountainous subtropical with abundant rainfall, where rare and endemic coniferous forests can be found on the higher level. The climate for the height of the valley varying from 2400 to 3000 is mountainous temperate type. Coniferous broad-leaved forest wears mixed color, varying from seasons.

Travel Tips of Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon


The mountains to the canyon are covered with snow from Oct to June. The best time for your trip is May to October.