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Where to Eat in Lhasa - Lhasa Restaurants & Lhasa Cafes

01 June 2022 Last updated at 10:26

Although Lhasa is quite small, you will never fail to find something good to eat. In Lhasa, you could choose Tibetan food, Sichuan cuisine, Nepalese food, Indian food, western food as well as different snacks and drinks. Most of the restaurants in Lhasa cluster around the Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street in the center of Lhasa City. Western-style restaurants mainly concentrate on the Beijing Road. Besides, Lhasa's Deji Road is the most popular dining place among locals.

For your reference, we list the most popular restaurants and cafes in Lhasa.

Top Lhasa Restaurant

Tibetan Family Kitchen (更潘藏家厨房)

Cuisines: Tibetan


Opening Hours: 10:00~22:00

Address: No.1 Danjielin Road (opposite the Shangbala Palace), Chengguan District, Lhasa (拉萨市城关区丹杰林路6号)

Tibetan Family Kitchen is a small home-style restaurant offering authentic Tibetan taste. It is run by a young Tibetan couple who used to be English tour guides. With good ability in English and Tibetan culture, they always provide the tourists with a memorable experience. At present, there are only two tables set in this restaurant and you will find their adorable daughters playing around. While waiting for your food, you can entertain them. The whole restaurant looks like a family with laughter. This restaurant is also Lhasa’s No.1 Restaurant listed on TripAdvisor.

Their menu covers hot dishes, vegetarian dishes, curry food, noodles, salad, soup, and some other specialties. The most famous dish in Tibetan Family Kitchen is Yak Momo. Vegetable Momo is also very nice if you prefer vegetable dishes. You could choose to have fried momo or steamed momo. Before cooking, they will ask for your appetite and make the food to your taste. Tibetan Family Kitchen also provides Tibetan food cooking class. You will be taught to buy the food materials and cook Tibetan food. The cooking class is very interesting and you will enjoy this experience. .

>> Learn more about Tibetan Family Kitchen and Cooking Experience

Lhasa Restaurant
Delicious Food Offered by Tibetan Family Kitchen
Lhasa Restaurant
Tibetan Family Kitchen Cooking Class

House of Shambhala Restaurant (卓玛拉宫餐厅)

Cuisines: Tibetan, Indian, Nepalese, Western


Opening Hours: 08:00~22:00

Address: No.7 Jirier Lane, Chengguan District, Lhasa (拉萨市城关区吉日二巷7号)

As its name suggests, House of Shambhala Restaurant is a restaurant owned by House of Shambhala Hotel but open to all people. Just like the hotel, House of Shambhala Restaurant is decorated very elegantly and warmly. The beautiful crimson walls, gentle yellow light, Tibetan style soft seats, comfortable back cushions and exquisite Thangka all create a lovely atmosphere to have a comfortable environment to have dinner. The staff can speak good English and are usually helpful. House of Shambhala Restaurant offers a Tibetan food, Indian food, Nepalese food and some western food. Drinks for your choice include traditional teas, real coffee, beers, spirits, cocktails and so on. The most recommend dishes are Roti Prata and Yak Pizza.

Lhasa Restaurant
Amazing Ambient of House of Shambhala Restaurant

Dunya Restaurant

Cuisines: Tibetan, Western


Opening Hours: 07:00~22:00

Address: No. 100 Beijing East Road, Chengguan Distict, Lhasa (拉萨市城关区北京东路100号)

Located in the old center of Lhasa nearby the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, Dunya Restaurant acts as a wonderful place to relax and enjoy good food. It is run by a Dutch couple. The staff in this restaurant are all young Tibetans with a good ability of English and you can communicate with them smoothly. A variety of western and Tibetan food is served. The Yak Enchiladas, Momo and curry dishes are most liked by tourists. There is also very nice music played in the restaurant until around late at night, which makes Dunya more charming. Visit there early so that you can have a seat on the great balcony with a view of lovely Lhasa.

Lhasa Restaurant
Peaceful Dunya Restaurant

Tash 1 Restaurant (扎西1小吃)

Cuisines: Tibetan, Asian


Opening Hours: 08:00~22:00

Address: Zangyiyuan Road, Lhasa (拉萨市城关区藏医院路)

Tash 1 is a Tibetan restaurant with fine decoration and a neat environment. The restaurant is equipped with several square tables with Tibetan style table cloth and is able to serve around 60 customers at once. Tash 1 Restaurant offers fresh and tasty food at a very reasonable price. Main dishes recommended by foreign tourists include Yak Burger, Vegetable Bobe, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Yak Curry etc. There is an available English menu and the waiters can speak fluent English, so you needn’t worry about the communication barriers. The staff are friendly and are always ready to help you. Because of the quality food and good service, Tash 1 restaurant has attracted many returned customers.

Lhasa Restaurant
Tasty Refreshments in Tashi 1 Restaurant

Lhasa Namaste Restaurant (拉萨娜玛瑟德餐厅)

Cuisines: Tibetan, Nepalese, Indian


Opening Hours: 08:00~22:00

Address: No. 30 Yutuo Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa (拉萨市城关区拓宇路30号)

With a location close to Jokhang Temple Square, Lhasa Namaste Restaurant is very easy to get to. The owner of Lhasa Namaste Restaurant is a Nepalese but Tibetan food, Nepalese food and Indian food are all offered in his restaurant. These yummy food are liked by local Tibetan people as well as tourists from different places. If you have a meal in Lhasa Namaste Restaurant, Yogurt Cake and Chicken Tikka Masala with Sirloin are must-tries. Taking a seat by the window, you will have a good view of the Jokhang Temple Square and the walking Tibetans. Lhasa Namaste Restaurant is a very popular restaurant among tourists. Even not in the dining time, you need to wait sometimes.

Lhasa Restaurant
Fresh Yogurt Cake in Namaste Restaurant

Recommended Lhasa Cafe

Summit Cafe (顶峰咖啡)


Address: No.1 Danjielin Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa (拉萨市城关区丹杰林路1号)

In a small lane near Jokhang Temple, Summit Cafe (also known as Dingfeng Cafe) is not quite easy to find, which makes it a peaceful place to have a good rest. It looks like a western romantic coffee but not lacking its own features and taste. Summit Cafe presents great coffee and western breakfast for tourists. The melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes, authentic espresso coffee and excellent pizza are favored by most customers. Apart from its tasty cakes and cakes, the nice atmosphere and brilliant environment attracts many tourists as well as local Tibetans. Equipped with a comfortable coach, exquisite paintings and soft lights, Summit Cafe offers an agreeable experience in Lhasa.

Lhasa Cafe
Delicate Coffee in Summit Cafe

Guangming Gangqiong Teahouse (光明港琼甜茶馆)


Address: diagonally opposite to Shambhala Palace, Zangyiyuan Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa (拉萨市城关区藏医院路香巴拉宫斜对面)

Guangming Gangqiong Teahouse is a time-honored and traditional Tibetan-style teahouse with high-popularity. With rows of simple long-tables and benches set in the teahouse, it is not elegant or peaceful, but really crowded. However, here you can experience the original Tibetan life and mingle with the locals. In Tibet, a beautiful day begins with a cup of sweet tea and a bow of Tibet noodles. Upon your arrival, you will feel warm around the busy atmosphere with Tibetan family or tourists smoking, relaxing and chatting around you. Get a cup from the disinfection cabinet by yourself and place your money on the table. The waiter will come to serve tea soon. Don’t forget to prepare some changes and a cup of tea only costs 0.8 CNY.

Lhasa Restaurant
Most Popular Guangming Gangqiong Teahouse

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