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Why Tour Tibet with us?

We live here in Tibet

For many travelers, Tibet is the ultimate destination - an exotic land full of picturesque landscapes and pleasant surprises. However, Tibet is vast and only traveling with an experienced travel agency couldn’t you miss most beautiful parts. We are such a team living in Tibet.

All the guides and drivers are local Tibetans living there for dozens of years. We know Tibet well, including nature, history, culture as well as attractions, weather, transportation, hotels and restaurants. We master first-hand travel information and can always offer you the most helpful and updated travel guides. We can take full advantage of the travel resources in Tibet to meet your interests and needs. When any unexpected circumstances take place, we can provide you with other selectable plans to make your tour smooth and worry-free.

A Couple of years in Tibet Tourism Business

Working in the tourism industry and providing foreign travelers with Tibet tour for long years, we are experienced in customizing a tour for friends with different interests. We have various tours with featured themes, including history, Buddhism, trekking, photography etc. Besides, we have a long-established relationship with the hotels and restaurants in Tibet, and can provide quality service at a lower price. As a local tour operator, the prices of our Tibet tour are regularly 10%-20% lower than our competitors from Chinese cities like Chengdu, Shanghai, Guilin, Beijing, etc., and 15%-25% lower than overseas travel agents or wholesalers. But the service offered to you is superb. Moreover, the trains to Tibet are hard to book, but we have more opportunities than independent travelers to book the trains.

100% Tailor-made Trips

With Tibet Discovery, you truly get the most for your money: from the big drawing cards to authentic Tibet local experiences, our itineraries cover a lot. According to your travel length and destination, our travel consultants can plan a classic tour for you. For different people, we will give you helpful advice accordingly. If you travel with children, more activities can be added. If you travel with the senior, the itinerary can be arranged more relaxed. For photographers, there are several breathtaking natural attractions for your choices. We allow you to explore your interests at your own speed and select your preferred style of accommodations, with the knowledge of our specialists always at your disposal. Your entire trip is designed around your requirements, and you will never be tied to the set itinerary of a large group.

Get you further off the beaten Path

For travel-enthusiasts, classic tour routes are not enough. You may want to take a deep travel in the vast Tibet, like Tibetan households in peaceful villages, the holy mountains in remote areas, the wonders hanging on the steep cliff or other places visited by few tourists. explores deep into the Holy Land that is often difficult, if not impossible to reach on your own. With our own private transportation, we are virtually self-sufficient while on the road and diversions off the beaten path are not just a dream, but a reality!

Passionate & Devoted Specialists

Our specialists are at the heart of Tibet Discovery’s operations. Apart from the professional knowledge of Tibet and well-organized travel arrangements, we also have boundless enthusiasm. All of us are travel-lovers as well, and we can’t help showing the best of Tibet to every traveler and sharing our wonderful experience with the least delay possible. 

Our 1-to-1 travel consultants work promptly and efficiently, always getting back to you within 24 hrs. Don’t hesitate to ask your “small or big” questions, they are patient to answer. They believe in an honest "tell it how it is" approach to planning an itinerary, suggesting sights, selecting accommodations and discussing the practicalities of travel. When you meet any problems during your tour, you can contact them as well as the guides. They will try their best to help you. Their final goal is to leave you a memorable and meaningful travel experience. 

Commited to Substainable Tourism

Tibet is a destination that needs your help! Every place around Tibet is special – we want to introduce our hometown to more friends, but we also want this holy and pure land to stay the way it is. Therefore, our Responsible Tibet Travelthos is the main tenet guiding us to do everything, from respecting Tibetan culture and the environment, to initiating projects that make positive contributions to local communities. We sincerely hope the beauty of Tibet can last and be appreciated by everyone forever.

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