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25 October 2023 Last updated at 15:45

Remote destinations, such as Mount Everest, Zhangmu, Yadong, Mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lake, etc., are located in the border area between Tibet with other countries. To travel to these destinations, one has to obtain a Tibet Border Pass (or Frontier Pass) which is issued by Tibet Armed Police Border Corps in Lhasa. It can't be applied by travelers individually. One has to contact a Tibet travel agency to apply the Borde Permit from the Tibet Armed Police Border Corps in Lhasa.

Areas Require Tibet Border Pass:

  1. Ngari: all the places you will visit such as Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasorovar etc.
  2. Mount Everest Area: including Mount Everest, Rongbuk Monastery, EBC.
  3. Yadong Border in Shannan Prefecture

Tibet Border Pass Is Also Needed to Take Flights to Tibet from Kathmandu

If you take flight from Katmandu to Lhasa, the Border Pass is also required. Your travel agency will apply for the pass and then send a scanned copy to you. Similarly, if you leave Tibet from Lhasa to Katmandu by air, the Border Pass is needed as well. Taking flights to Ngari Gunsa Airport also requires the border pass, wherever you depart from - Lhasa, Urumqi or Kashgar.

How to Obtain Tibet Border Pass for Foreign Travelers

1. Work out an itinerary in Tibet, then contact us (Tibet travel agency) to confirm your plan is reasonable and doable;

2. We confirm your tour and receive a deposit for your tour in Tibet;

3. Send us your copy of passport and China Visa, then we will apply for Tibet Travel Permit (TTB Permit) first;

4. Once the Tibet Travel Permit is issued, we will then use it to apply for Tibet Border Pass;

5. If you take a flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu, we will send you a scanned copy of the border pass; If you take a flight to Ngari from Kashgar or Urumqi, we will mail the original border pass to your hotel in Urumqi or Kashgar; If you get to Lhasa from other cities in China, such as Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, we will keep the permit for you.

Tibet Border Pass for Chinese Citizens

Tibet Border Pass is also required for Chinese's other citizens (outside Tibet) when traveling to Mount Everest, Mount Kailash and other border areas. For Chinese citizens, you can apply for the Tibet Border Pass in your registered residence city/town. For Hong Kong citizens and Macau citizens, you have to use the original copy of Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong & Macau Residents (also known as H.K./Macao Home-Return Permit) to apply for Tibet Borde Pass from Tibet Armed Police Border Corps in Lhasa.

Top Concerned Questions about Tibet Travel Permit

  • 1. Why need permit to travel Tibet?

    Tibet as one part of China has unique political climate making it different from the rest regions. Therefore, a valid passport and Chinese Visa are no enough to visit Tibet. And a package of Tibet Travel Permits is needed for foreigners to visit here.
  • 2. Who needs Tibet Travel Permit?

    Only foreign passport holders (including overseas Chinese without Chinese Passport) and visitors from Taiwan to Tibet need to apply for a visa, citizens in China's mainland and SAR passport holders from Hong Kong and Macao do not need to apply. Note: Diplomats, Journalists, professional media photographer and government officials are not able to visit Tibet as Tourists and also can’t issue their Tibet permit through ordinary travel agencies.
  • 3. Can I obtain my Tibet Permits on arrival of Tibet?

    Most of permits for travel to Tibet must be obtained before enter Tibet, excepting the Aliens’ Tourist Permit (PSB permit). For instance the Tibet Entry Permit (TTB permit), there are check points sited on airports and train stations to check this permit before you getting aboard to Tibet. Without a TTB permit, you can never catch your train/flight heading to Tibet. Also If enter a restricted area without the proper permit, you can be fined, detained and deported.
  • 4. How to apply for Tibet Travel Permit?

    By visiting Tibet, foreigners need to book a Tibet tour with travel agency, who will help you to apply for Tibet Permits and other tour service provided. All you need to do are sending your scanning copy of your valid passport and Chinese visa 10-15 days before your visit, with personal info attached, including your name, nationality, passport number, sex, date of birth, occupation, etc. With all truly necessary documents supplied to us by email, we’ll offer you all-in-one Tibet Tour without worries.
  • 5. How long can I get the Tibet Travel Permit?

    Generally it takes three days to approve a TTB permit with completed documents. And if your itinerary including Everest Base Camp, Mt. Kailash or Nyingchi Prefecture, the time to get approved will be extend a couple of days. When you get the permits, it may take another 2-4 days to express delivery. With more details, please check Tibet Permit FAQs.

Tell us your tour plan, and we'll apply Tibet Permit for you

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