Travel Insurance

It is recommended and necessary to buy travel insurance when traveling in Tibet and other places in China even though the chances are not high that you may encounter medical emergency, damage or loss to personal property, injury or even a death. With the travel insurances, your safety and property will be protected so that you can travel with a peace of mind, without worrying about random stuff that can go wrong.

As you can imagine, the types of travel insurance differ. There’s a wide range of options as well as a great number of providers. You can choose a specific one accordingly or find any combination of travel insurance plans to protect you from a variety of risks, such as cancelation of trips, cancelation of flights, delay of flights, injure, unforeseen natural disasters, death, loss of property, luggage/ baggage lost, etc.

Accident Insurance - Highly Recommended

Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance is a must for a trip. We strongly suggest every traveler buy it from your own country before your trip to Tibet or other destinations in China.

What’s usually covered in the Accident Insurance?

  • 1. Compensation for accidental casualty of injury or death during your trip, such as natural disasters, road accidents, etc.
  • 2. Compensation for accidental casualty of injury or death caused by high-risk activities.
  • 3. Compensation for accidental death or total disability caused by acute diseases.
  • 4. Compensation for medical expenses during the inpatient care in the hospital.
  • 5. Compensation for flight delay.
  • 6. Compensation for loss of luggage/baggage, not including laptop and mobile phone.
  • 7. Compensation for loss of travel documents.
  • 8. Insurance for emergency rescue.
  • 9. Insurance for transportation to hospital.
  • 10. Compensation for relatives, including round-trip flights and accommodation.

(Important Notice: the insurance amount varies and depends on the type of the Accident Insurance)

Other Travel Insurance You Can Buy on Your Own

Accident Insurance is not enough to care every aspect of your entire trip, such as the international flights, trips outside China, etc. It is strongly recommended to buy several personal insurances in your country before leaving for China. Ensure that you have adequate insurance amount to cover you on the entire trip from departure to back home.

Important Tips to Know

Check Coverage Carefully - before purchasing any travel insurance, you have to check coverage carefully, especially the Medical/Emergency coverage.

Worldwide International Travel Insurance - sometimes you can buy an international travel insurance which can protect you from the beginning to the end. There are many providers, such as WorldNomads, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc.

Money and Currency - if you encounter an injury or acute disease, and have to go to a Chinese hospital, please note that payment upfront for services is required. Even if you have medical insurance, you may have to pay out of pocket and then apply for reimbursement. And only the cash and Chinese bank cards are available to use in most Chinese hospitals. Only a few hospitals in major cities may accept credit cards. After the treatment, try your best to get a receipt for all the services in the hospital, or you may not qualify for reimbursement.

• It is recommended to carry the proof of insurance with you wherever you are in your trip.

• Besides the necessary medical coverage, you can consider to purchase some other insurances to protect your properties, travel documents, luggage, etc.

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