Construction Introduction

20 May 2020 Last updated at 15:14

In 2014, the Nyingchi Railway began to be built and will be operated to run in 2020 as predicted. Now passengers who take bus spend seven to eight hours on the road, once the railway open to traffic, the riding time will be shortened to two to three hours. With the opening of several railway stations in Shannan, passengers are gonging to have chance to tour mysterious scenic spots in Shannan area.

There will only be 17 stops in the beginning during Lhasa Nyingchi Railway: 9 stations for passenger and freight transport and 8 passing stations. Lhasa Shigatse Train will share about 33 kilometers with Lhasa Nyingchi rail, two lines will meet at Xierong Railway Station.

Lhasa Nyingchi Train
Lhasa Nyingchi Train Route

There are 47 tunnels (including 14 high-risk tunnels, 7 greatest risk tunnels), 118 bridges all along the line. Landmark projects are the 17,310 meters long Dagala Tunnel and the first coating-free and weather-proof steel bridge: Zangmu Grand Bridge.

Construction condition on this region is incredibly hard. Workers have to build rails in very remote and cold areas where transportation is extremely difficult, not to mention the high altitude sickness are most likely to occur. Most alarmingly, geological structure is surprisingly complicated in the entire sections, landslides, collapses, debris flows, flood damage, icing disaster, earthquakes and mollisols are the main difficulties need to be overcome. In addition, investment in water protection is more than 1,200 million yuan till now.

Lhasa Nyingchi Train
Railway Construction in Valley Area

Current Transportation from Lhasa to Nyingchi

Natural scenary in Nyingchi Tibet is quite charming. Praised as “Switzerland in Tibet”, there are waterfalls in Metok, peach blossom in Bomi, Mt. Namjagbarwa, forests in Lunang, etc.

The main transportation choice between Lhasa and Nyingchi so far is highway, which takes about 7-8 hours to travel from Lhasa to Nyingchi by road. Or if you want go to Nyingchi (Nyingchi Mainling Airport) by plane from Lhasa (Lhasa Gonggar Airport), there are two direct 40-minute flights opened by Shenzhen Airlines and Tibet Airlines every day for your convenience.

The railway between Lhasa and Nyingchi has been under construction. It is estimated that it will take about 2 or 3 hours from Lhasa to Nyingchi when the railway come into operation.

Lhasa Nyingchi Train
Peach Blossom in Nyingchi

Bus Lhasa Eastern Suburb Passenger Station
Address: No.3 Jiangsu East Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Ngyingchi Passenger Station
Address: Guangdong Road, Bayi Town, Nyingchi, Tibet, China
7-8 hours
Bus: 150
Business Class Coach: 180
Daily(earliest bus:08:00 am, departure time depends on number of passengers
Plane Lhasa Gonggar Airport
Address: Jiazhulin Town, Gonggar County, Shannan City
Nyingchi Mainling Airport Address: the Yarlung Zangbo River Valley, Mainling County, Nyingchi City 40 mins About 1,000 Daily(2 flights)

*Important Notice:The above transportation information is for reference only.

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Future Outlook

As the branch line of Qinghai Tibet Railway and important joint parts of Sichuan Tibet Railway, Yunnan Tibet Railway and Gansu Tibet Railway, this line is planned to be the first railway reaching Nyingchi and will end history of no railway available in southeast Tibet.

The joint point between Lhasa Shigatse Railway and Lhasa Nyingchi Railway will offer more exchange trains for tourists in Tibet. Besides, the future operation of this line is considered to promote the Tibetan economy and consolidate border defense in southwest China.

According to the early plan, construction duration of this line was thought to be seven years, but it be shortened by one year beyond expectation. Eventually, a Y-type will stretch into all directions in Tibet after the completion of Lhasa Nyingchi Train, Lhasa Shigatse Train and Lhasa Yatung Train.

Lhasa Nyingchi Train
Y-type Railway Map in Tibet

How to Plan A Tibet Tour

Tibet is too vast to be visited in one single trip, but planning ahead of time can make most of your holiday. A classic Tibet tour always takes about 4 ~ 8 days. Apart from 2 days for arrival and departure, it usually needs 2 other days to explore majestic Potala Palace and other landmarks in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. With a day trip’s distance from Lhasa, Namtso Lake is another perfect tour extension if you visit Tibet from May to October.

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To explore further, it’s strongly recommended to travel from Lhasa to Mount Everest via Gyantse and Shigatse, which usually needs 4 more days. It is an unforgettable sightseeing trip with lots of attractions to visit, such as Yamdrok Lake, Karola Glacier, Kumbum Stupa of Palcho Monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery, etc. Of course, the biggest draw must be gazing upon the unparalleled north face of the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest.

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For Buddhist followers and hiking lovers, you are suggested to travel to Ngari to join the kora around the holy Mt. Kailash and sacred Lake Manasarovar, which usually takes about 5 ~ 8 more days from Lhasa. The wild nature of Ngari is spectacular as well.

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If you are looking for a longer Himalaya adventure, you can travel Tibet with two other charming Himalayan Kingdoms – Nepal and Bhutan by overland driving or flight. If you have your own needs or interest, just feel free to contact us to customize a trip of your own!

Tibet Lhasa, Namtso, Mount Everest and Ngari are four most popular destinations in Tibet