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19 June 2024 Last updated at 18:18

International overland travel between Tibet and Nepal through Gyirong Port is a quite long journey for a 7~8 hours’ drive from Kathmandu to Gyirong Port or over 10 hours from Lhasa, Mt.Everest and Mt.Kailash to Gyirong. To think about the transportation convenience and travel comfort when travelling from Nepal to Tibet, get accommodation in Gyirong Town where is only 25km from Gyirong Town and 73km from Gyirong County in Shigatse is a good stopover. This small town was newly built with clean and tidy neighborhoods and offers some options for eating and lodging, and even Agricultural Bank of China. Living condition in remote border town here is not excellent as you had in well-developed cities, still you can have a good rest.

Recommended Gyirong Hotels

1. Mt.Everest Backyard Garden Business Hotel

Address: 50m of south Agricultural Bank of China, Gyirong Village Committee, Gyirong Town

Type: three-star hotel

Opened in 2016, Mt.Everest Backyard Garden Business Hotel is located at Gyirong Town, very close to the Gyirong Port. The hotel is evaluated as one of the Top hotels in Gyirong on QUNAR.COM for its clean room and nice service. There are 25 guest rooms on three floors, including Common King Room, Common Standard Room, Business Double Room and Business Standard Room, charging from 108~200RMB/16~30 USD each room without breakfast. Free WIFI is only available in public areas and some rooms. It also provides 24-hour hot water, independent bathroom, air conditioner and simple services like laundry and wake-up call. Bank and convenience store are nearly the hotel you can easily get to.

2. Shigatse Gyirong Shengyuan Hotel

Address: near Mt.Everest Backyard Garden Business Hotel, south of Agricultural Bank of China, Opposite of Gyirong Village Committee

Shigatse Gyirong Shengyuan Hotel was built and opened in 2016. Tourists can book Single Room and Standard Room priced at 135~152RMB/20~23 USD per room. All the guest rooms have WIFI access. According to former tenants that lived, this hotel is highly recommended for good location and environment of tidy and capacious rooms, well-equipped facilities and nice host guidance. In this economic hotel, you can take a hot bath and rest a good night to continue journey on next day.

3. Shigatse Silver Star Hotel

Address: next to the Immigration Building, Gyirong Town

Shigatse Silver Star Hotel opened in 2014 is a two-story building in Gyirong Town on north Gyirong Village Committee. The hotel has 35 guest rooms which all provide WIFI and hot water 24 hours with a private bath and most rooms are air-conditioned. Tourists can make online booking of Single Room and Standard Room, ranging from 200~400RMB/30~60USD. The famous Kyipu Canyon and Nitsun Village is just nearby nd worth a visit by the way.

4. Gyirong Shengtai Hotel

Address: Gilin Road, Gyirong Town, Gyirong County

Gyirong Shengtai Hotel is in southeast of Mt.Everest’ Backyard Garden Business Hotel. Opened in 2016, the hotel is a four-story building with 15 guest rooms. Public area and part of rooms has free WIFI access. Here you will live in a clean and tidy room with simple facilities like Television, teakettle and charging. Besides, the surrounding scenery is very beautiful when you walk out or look out from a window.

Gyirong HotelDouble Room of Backyard Garden Business RoomGyirong HotelGyirong Shengyuan Hotel Standard RoomGyirong HotelFacade of Gyirong Silver Star HotelGyirong HotelTibetan Style Lobby of Shengtai Hotel

Recommended Gyirong Hostel

Gyirong Hand & Hand International Hostel– The Only Hostel in Gyirong

Address: oposite of Gyirong Agricultural Bank of China, Gyirong Town

The hostel is the only hostel in Gyirong town, having a total 13 guest houses. There are Twin Room (90~150RMB/13.5~22.5USD), Room of four beds or six beds both with separate old bathroom (50RMB/7.5USD per bunk). Lodgers can use the WIFI in the lobby and room. If you book a four or six bed room, you have to share with other travelers. Maybe the facility condition is not adequate as other hotels, this simple-decorated and clean hostel is praised by all independent visitors for its lower price and good service.

In 2015, two girls of the generation after 80s quitted their jobs and came to Gyirong, a border town in Shigatse Tibet and later opened a hostel to receive tourists from over the world. The two hosts and their hostel experienced the Nepal earthquake in 2015 and now still welcome every visitor in Gyirong town.

Gyirong HostelRoom & Lobby of Gyirong Hostel

Recommended Tibet Tour Packages

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