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Why not take the advantages of Johnson's experience and knowledge to design a trip just for you, that suits your budget and interests. Her passion on travel and help never fades away!


Hello, my dear friends! This is Johnson from Chengdu Bamboo International Tours. I love sports, reading, singing, etc. But my favorite is not traveling for it’s more than favorite and I believe travel is part of my life. My major in college is tourism management. I have taken practice in hotels, tourist attractions and even worked as a guide. I also have been to a lot of places of interest, such as Jiuzhaigou, Zhangjiajie, Xian, Sanya and so on.

You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way.

It’s time to wake up your body and get on the way. Come and take a journey to China and make a difference with me! I promise you I will take care of every step of your tour, and you need to do is to relax and enjoy.


Tibet Travel Tips from Johnson

Can't find the answers you want? Email or call me at +86-28-85227275, and I will get back to you immediately with full passion and consideration.

  1. Is independent tour allowed in Tibet?

    In order to protect the centuries-old cultural relics, Tibetan fragile environment and respect the tradition of Tibetan people and considering the limited reception capacity in Tibet, all non-Chinese passport holders must travel Tibet with a licensed agency.

  2. What documents do I need if I am planning to travel to Tibet?

    First, you need to have a valid passport, and then apply for a valid Chinese visa for your travel to China. A Tibet Travel Permit (sometimes people call it Entry permit or TTB Permit) is needed for your Tibet tour. More visas or permits, like Aliens’ Travel Permit, Military Permit and Border Pass, Group Visa are also required if you want to visit more further regions outside Lhasa, Shigatse and Gyantse.

  3. How to Get to Tibet?

    Basically you have two options – flight and train. Currently, you can take a flight to Lhasa from Beijing(4.5hrs), Xian(3.7hrs), Chengdu(2.5hrs), Chongqing(3hrs), Kunming(3hrs), Kathmandu (1.5hrs), etc. Among all these cities, Chengdu and Xian have more frequent flights to Lhasa. If you prefer a train travel, you can take a train to Tibet from Beijing(40.5hrs), Xian(32hrs), Chengdu(43hrs), Shanghai(47hrs), Chongqing(42hrs), Lanzhou(25hrs), Xining(22hrs), Guangzhou(54hrs).

  4. When is the best time to visit Tibet?

    The scenery in Tibet varies with different seasons and different regions. Generally, it is suitable to travel to Tibet from April to October to visit different destinations in Tibet.

  5. How to Avoid High Altitude Sickness?

    Before visiting Tibet, you need to keep physically and mentally healthy. Taking a physical examination and consulting your doctor for advice are also important. It is also helpful to travel from lower altitudes to higher altitudes to acclimatize your body to the altitude gradually. During your journey in Tibet, remember to avoid strenuous activities and always walk at a slow pace and take deep breaths.

  6. Is there any age limit for travelers to Tibet?

    No. There is not any age limit for travelers who plan to visit Tibet. And it all depends on your physical condition. It will be dangerous to visit Tibet if you are suffering from heavy cold, severe anemia, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, heart disease or any other breathing diseases, because they may cause serious high altitude sickness.

  7. What are the hotels like in Tibet?

    Tourism in Tibet has developed a lot in recent years and hotel facilities and service have also greatly improved. Due to special location and geography, living standards in remote cities may not be as you expect from a hotel in other parts of the world. Hotels in small cities and the Everest Base Camp are very basic and simple. Usually you only have a public bathroom with a squat toilet to use.

    See What My Customers See & Say!

    Thank you, Johnson.

    We wish you and your family continued good health.

    Our families have been fortunate and have not been sick.

    But we miss visiting China on one of your trips.

    We hope to do so soon.


    March 20, 2020
    Hi Johnson.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and helpful information. We have been asked to stay here n our homes and not go out except for essential services. Hopefully this will help in controlling the spread of the virus.

    We still plan to visit China if this virus runs its course and it is safe to do so. Thank you for your concern.


    March 20, 2020
    Dear Johnson, 

    We are back from our wonderful trip to China and wanted to thank you for the effort you put in to make it smooth and comfortable for us. As we didn’t speak the language, we appreciated being helped through all the airports which made things much easier for us. 

    Your country is beautiful, so vast and with so much to see. All the meals we had were super delicious, the best one being in Xi’an at the spa resort. Truly, there was never a bad meal in China anywhere. 

    We loved Beijing - Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City were impressive, the Temple of Heaven, and walking through the Summer Palace and tombs of the Ming Dynasty, very lovely. The highlight though, was our climb to the Great Wall - amazing! Kevin, our guide in Beijing, was outstanding and went out of his way to cover it all while making sure we avoided the crowds.


    In retrospect, we might have spent less time in Xi’an, where we traveled back to 221 BC to see the Terra-cotta Warriors and browse through the Muslim Quarters. Our guide, Timo was very professional. Perhaps though it might have been better to spend a few days in Sichuan where the pandas live. We also loved going to Lhasa and our guide, Zhou Ma, was extremely knowledgeable and personable. Shanghai was not to be because of the typhoon, so going back to Beijing for the Lama Temple, Confucius Park, Imperial College and zoo was the right thing to do. We also appreciated upgrading to a suite at the Dong Fang. Our guide, Sally, and pick up person, Cherry, were very good. 

    On the whole, it was a fabulous tour. Once again, thanks for all your help in making it happen. 

    Manju, Bob and Chetan

    August 16, 2019
    Hi Johnson,

    Hope you are doing well.  I have written my review below.  I finally got a moment after coming back to the US. I think you do an outstanding job and you always looked after my interests.  The trip would have been a lot better if we took the highway route, if the hotel issues were sorted out, and we had the welcome dinner to get acquainted.  None of those things were your fault.  The fact that you stepped in and took everything I said seriously showed how great you are with your clients.  So, thank you so much for everything.

    Really appreciate all that you did.

    Best regards,


    August 16, 2018
    Hi Johnson,

    I just left a comment on Trip Advisor. Thank you again for your great help and organization for our trip!!! The choices of hotels were very good and the driver and the guide especially were excellent. Hank is very very knowledgeable in the Tibetan culture and history.

    His English was very good and our son who is specialized in Tibetan culture has been able to have many questions answered concerning this culture. The driver drove safely too and I appreciated! Many thanks again for everything and your welcoming us, and we will certainty use Tibet Discovery again for a next trip to China.

    Best Regards,


    Chengdu Tibet Tour

    Chengdu Tibet Tour

    Chengdu Tibet Tour

    Chengdu Tibet Tour

    Chengdu Tibet Tour

    Chengdu Tibet Tour

    Chengdu Tibet Tour

    Chengdu Tibet Tour

    June 7, 2018
    Hello Johnson Wang,

    Please apologize my late reply. You will find my answers below.

    All my questions have been answered fast and to my satisfaction.

    Receiving the travel permit was a bit tricky (mainly due to the lack of english knowledge of my hotel staff). The tour itselfs was perfectly arranged and the guide showed a lot of flexibility to adjust to our wishes.

    I would reccomend Tibet Discovery to everyone, who wants to visit tibet.

    Great Tour! The trip to tibet has been very expensive - but the money was worth spent. The guide and driver were very nice and the tour was perfectly arranged. Also in case of misunderstandings (one of the guesthouses was below the standard I booked), Tibet Discovery found good and pragmatic solutions.

    Improve communication between Tibet Discovery and Tour guide (I spent one night in a guesthouse below the standard I booked, due to a mistake in the communication), shorten time on Lake Manosavar (a few hours are enough - not neccesary to spend a night there).

    Kind regards

    Andreas Juckel

    December 27, 2017
    Hello Johnson,

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you in regard to our trip to Guilin and Xian.  We had a great trip and I'm not sure I would suggest any changes. The itinerary and details you put together for us were just right for the time we had.  Accommodations were also very good.

    The guide and airport pick up and delivery services were excellent.  Thinking back, I think we had four different guides during the duration of our trip.  All of them did a very professional job and took good care of us.  It is unfair to compare, but the two ladies were a notch above the two young gentlemen that we had.  If we ever have the opportunity to take another excursion in China you can rest assured we will be in contact with you.

    Dick Hensley

    December 4, 2017
    Dear Johnson,

    We had a fantastic tour, thank you for helping to organize it! Please find attached 3 pictures to capture some of it. You can use these if you want.

    1.    Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions? Yes, very fast & efficient!

    2.    How do you comment your tour arrangements? Great, matched well with what we talked about before the tour.

    3.    Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China? Yes. Strongly recommend especially our tour guide: he was the best guide that we ever had on one of these trips.

    4.  Your general opinion on us? Very high. Would definitely book again!

    5.    Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?  We would have preferred to have seat belts for all of us in the car.

    6.    Can we use your comments of our service, the photos or other images that you took on the tour for our websites, brochures, marketing and publicity? If yes, could you please send us some of your photos by E-mail? Yes, but please do not use our names.

    Kind regards,

    Friend from Netherlands

    August 7, 2017
    Dear Johnson,

    Thank you very much for everything. The tour was amazing. I will recommend you to all my friends.

    Here is the evaluation:

    1.    Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

    The travel consultant always replied promptly to all my questions, offering lots of details.

    2.    How do you comment your tour arrangements?

    The arrangements for the tours were excellent. I encountered no problems of any kind during the tours. The organizers paid attention to every detail, so my wife and I could enjoy the sightseeing without any headache.

    3.    Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China?

    I will certainly recommend you to everyone. Your professionalism truly deserves it.

    4.  Your general opinion on us?

    You are a very detail-oriented team of professional workers dedicated to what you do best.

    5.    Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?

    Given the high degree of professionalism that you have displayed, I truly believe that there is nothing that could be improved at this time. Congratulations!

    6.    Can we use your comments of our service, the photos or other images that you took on the tour for our websites, brochures, marketing and publicity? If yes, could you please send us some of your photos by E-mail?

    You can use my comments, but please don't publish my e-mail. Thank you once again for everything!



    May 17, 2017