Top Things to do in Gyantse Tibet for 2024/2025

19 June 2024 Last updated at 16:12

Gyantse, the third largest city in Tibet, blisses for all kind of travelers. It is also one of the most popular destinations in Tibet, just after Lhasa, Mount Everest and Namtso. Gyantse is famous for legendary history, spectacular culture and magnificent landscape. Palcho Monastery is the No. 1 attraction you should visit in Gyantse. The famous Kumbumsits in this monastery. If time allows, you can try to climb to the summit of the dominating Gyantse Dzong to enjoy a panoramic view of Gyantse Old Town. Pala Manor is recommended if you are interested in learning the ancient society system of Tibet.

Gyantse Top Attraction

Palcho Monastery - Collection of Tibetan Culture

Type: Architecture & Culture

Altitude: 3,900 meters

Best time to visit: April to October

Are you keen on Tibetan Art?
Are you curious about Tibetan Buddhism?
Buddhist sculptures, religion murals, monastery architectures...
In Palcho Monastery, you can find everything about the holy land.

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Gyantse Dzong - the Solemn Persistence of Ancient Tibet

Type: Architecture & Culture

Altitude: 4,140 meters

Best time to visit: All Sesons

Gyantse Dzong, also known as Gyantse Old Castle, is a famous landmark in Gyantse County, Shigatse Prefecture, which looks like a mini Potala Palace. Gyantse Dzong may not be as magnificent as Potala Palace, but it is still very impressive with typical Tibetan palace architecture style which is inherited from Yumbulagang Palace - The First Palace of Tibet. Besides the architecture appreciation, Gyantse Dzong is a great place to learn about a heroic history of Tibet history - rise and decline of Gyantse, fight against the invasion of British armies.

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Karola Glacier - Featured Glacier in Tibet

Type: Natural Park, Alpine Scenery

Altitude: 5,560 meters

Best time to visit: Summer & Autumn

Karola Glacier is a spectacular galcier featuring in its approachability, brightness and grotesque in shape. Stretching from the sky with wispy cloud and mist to the road closely, it shapes like a big frozen fall preparing to flow down from the high peak. Apart from its own charm, the surrounding view is also quite gorgeous.

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Pala Manor - The epitome of Tibet’s past

Type: Historical Architecture

Altitude: 4029 meters

Best time to visit: Four Seasons

Interested about the old Tibet?
Want to explore the Tibetan slavery system and curious about the landlord’s lifestyle?
Here in Pala Manor you can find the intact scene about how luxury the lord lived and how miserable life of his serfs.

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Gyantse Dama Festival

It is celebrated between April 10th and April 28th according to the Tibetan calendar. It is said the first Dama Festival was originally for the celebration of the completion of the Palkhor Monastery and the Octagonal Pagoda in Gyantse Area. Tibetans would collect on the ground, eating the traditional Tibetan food while enjoying the performance and games. Tourists could also witness various Tibetan handicrafts on the exchange market of Dama Festival.

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