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Why Taking a Flight to Tibet So Popular?

Taking a flight to Tibet has become the mostly chosen option for travelers because it is much faster, and save much time, compared with taking a train to Tibet, which usually costs more than 40 hours to reach Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. At the same time, there are more than 18 cities in China you can choose as the gateway to take a flight to Tibet, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Kunming, Chongqing, etc. All these cities provide convenient direct flights. Top cities, like Chengdu, Beijing and Xian, even has 6~17 direct flights to Tibet each day. You can also take a flight to Lhasa directly from Kathmandu which usually has 1 or 2 flights to Lhasa each day.

Current Tibet Flight Situation

In Tibet, there are five airports you can use as arrival hub – Lhasa Gonggar Airport, Nyingchi Mainling Airport, Shigatse Peace Airport, Qamdo Bangda Airport and Ngari Gunsa Airport. Among all these airports, Lhasa Gonggar Airport is the most popular and important one which connects many cities in China, such as Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shangri-La, etc. It also has flights to some prefectures in Tibet, such as Nyingchi, Ngari and Qamdo. While the rest 4 airports only operate flight from a few cities in China, such as Chongqing, Chengdu, Urumqi, etc.

Even though there are so many air routes, you’d better also book your flight to Tibet as early as possible because it is usually not easy to ensure a ticket for flight to Tibet as the demands are quite high especially during tourism peak months (from July to October). Tibet Discovery can help you book Tibet flight which is usually included in a valuable tour package at a reasonable price. Please feel free to contact to learn about our tour packages and Tibet flight information and tips.

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Tibet Reopens to Expats in China!!!

Tibet has opened to expats living in China since May. Now it’s safe and convenient to travel to Tibet with our firsthand travel information and professional guide. You can enjoy a long-waited trip to Tibet worry free, visit the holy city of Lhasa, beautiful Namtso Lake, majestic Mount Everest, Shigatse and other destinations with less tourists. Except the required Tibet permits and pre-arranged itinerary, tour guide and local vehicle, special documents are needed as well during the Coronavirus period, including a proof of your at least 28-day stay in China, a negative Nucleic acid test and a Green Heath Code. The holy land Tibet is waiting for you! Contact us to start your Tibet Tour NOW!! Early birds get better prices!!

Major Gateway Cities to Take Flights to Tibet

It is easy to take a flight to Tibet. Currently there are more than 18 destinations in China operating daily and connecting domestic flights to Lhasa, Nyingchi and other cities in Tibet. Among all these destinations, Chengdu offer the most frequent direct flights to Tibet with about 12~17 flights each day from May to October. Beijing, Chongqing, Xian and Kunming come after Chengdu. So far, there is only an international air route to Tibet: Kathmandu – Lhasa. It is only about 1 hour’s flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa.

Most Popular Gateway Cities to Take Flights to Tibet

  • Chengdu
  • Beijing
  • Xian
  • Shanghai
  • Chongqing
  • Kunming
  • Shangri-La
  • Xining
  • Kathmandu

Chengdu Lhasa Flight Brief Facts

Chengdu has been the most popular gateway hub for travelers to take flights to Lhasa. There are multiple flights, up to 17 one-way flights in the summer and autumn tourist peak season, are operating to connect Chengdu and Lhasa. The city also operates several flights to other major prefectures in Tibet, including Nyingchi, Shigatse and Qamdo. Learn more details about Chengdu Tibet Flights.

Distance: 768miles (1286km)
Duration: about 2.5 hours
Major Airlines: Air China, Sichuan Airlines, Tibet Airlines
Frequency: around 12 flights per day
Flight Type: non-stop flights (mostly)
Ticket Full Price: 1850 CNY (economy class)
Airports: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) – Lhasa Gongga International Airport (LXA)

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All Flight Routes to Tibet Routes Summary

Air Route Distance Duration Frequency Flight Type
Chengdu Lhasa 768miles (1286km) about 2.5 hours appr 12 flights per day direct flights
Beijing Lhasa 1867 miles (3004 km) 4~6 hours appr 3 flights per day direct flights
Xian Lhasa 1230 miles (1980 km) about 3 hrs 20 mins appr 7 flights per day direct flights
Shanghai Lhasa about 1930mi (3107km) about 7~9 hours appr 5 flights per day stopover / connecting
Chongqing Lhasa 985miles(1585km) about 2hrs 50mins appr 10 flights per day direct flights
Kunming Lhasa 1220 miles (1963 km) about 3~5 hours appr 4 flights per day direct flights
Guangzhou Lhasa 1647miles (2651km) about 6~9 hours appr 5 flights per day direct / connecting
Xining Lhasa 968miles (1558km) about 2.5~7 hours appr 5 flights per day direct / connecting
Zhengzhou Lhasa 2107 miles (3392 km) about 3hrs 50mins appr 2 flights per day direct / connecting
Shangri-La Lhasa 542 miles(872km) about 2 hours appr 1 flight per day direct flights
Lijiang Lhasa 593 miles (954 km) about 2hrs 15mins appr 1 flight per day direct flights
Mianyang Lhasa 1412miles (2274km) about 2 hours appr 3 flights per day direct / connecting
Kangding Lhasa 652miles (1050km) about 2 hours appr 5 flights per day direct / connecting
Yushu Lhasa 437miles (704km) about 1.5 hours appr 3~6 flights per day direct / connecting
Xiahe Lhasa 1435 miles (2309 km) about 2hrs 20mins appr 1 flight per day direct flight
Xinjiang Ngari 908 miles (1462 km) about 2.5 hours appr 1~2 flights per week direct flights
Kathmandu Lhasa 375 miles (603.5 km) about 1.5 hours appr 1 ~ 2 flights per day direct flights

> Check more details about Gateway Cities to Take Flights to Tibet.

Useful Tibet Flight Travel Tips

Before boarding your flight to Tibet, you may have many questions in mind – what is the current condition of Tibet, what city is the most popular to take flight to Tibet, how to book flight ticket, what permits will I need, how to board the flight in China, how much luggage can I bring, etc. Following are some most important guide and tips that you should learn about Tibet flight travel. If you have any question about Tibet train, feel free to contact us for help.

Recommended Private Tibet Tour Packages including Flights to Tibet

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