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Tibet Train

Oxygen Supply on Tibet Trains

Maria  December 13,2022

While planning a Tibet trip, you may worry about the high altitude sickness. In fact, taking a train to Tibet is better than taking a flight, for you can get used to the raise of the altitude gradually on the way. In order to keep passengers comfortable during the journey, the Tibet trains are all equipped with the oxygen supply systems.

Medical Service in Tibet Trains

Daisy  December 13,2022

Every train from or to Tibet is equipped with modern facilities to provide passengers temporary medical service. Suffering from altitude sickness is a common thing on the Tibet train, the experienced doctors and trained nurses are also available for dealing with and attending the medical emergencies of the passengers. And the passengers can get timely and effective first aid.

Dining Car on Tibet Trains

Maria  December 14,2022

On every Tibet trains, there is only one dining car offering 3 meals a day and drinks in non-meal service time. Adhere to the dining car, there is a general cook house, where you can see how the Cooks make your meals.

Hard Seats on Tibet Trains

Daisy  December 14,2022

There are usually 4 hard seating cars in each train from or to Tibet, which can totally contend 392 people. Different as a standard hard-seats car, which totally content 108 seats, one hard-seating car just offers 98 seats in a Tibet train. Since riding a train to Tibet is quite a long journey, it is not recommended for you to take hard seat class.

Hard Sleeper on Tibet Trains

Louis  October 25,2023

There are usually 8 Hard-sleeper cars in each train from or to Tibet, which can totally contend 480 people. Compared with the hottest selling ticket of soft-sleeper cars, the tickets of hard-sleeper class are relatively easier to be reserved.

Soft Sleeper on Tibet Trains

Maria  December 14,2022

There are usually 2 Soft-sleeper cars in each train from or to Tibet, which can totally contend 64 people. In each soft-sleeper car, there are 8 small cabins with 4 beds. Compared with Hard-Sleeper Cars, Soft-sleeper cars offers more privacy and fewer crowds for the door can be shut.

Qinghai Tibet Railway Sightseeing Station

Daisy  May 21,2020

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the engineering wonder of China, has been built on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. There are 45 stations from Golmud to Lhasa and every station has unique scenery.

Bathroom on Tibet Trains

Maria  December 14,2022

There are two bathrooms at the end of each car. On one side, it is Western toilet and the other is Asian toilet.

Lhasa Train Schedule & Lhasa Train Ticket Price

Louis  October 25,2023

So far, there are just a few trains to Lhasa, Tibet from several major cities in mainland China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou...

Qinghai-Tibet Railway Facts and Features

Daisy  December 14,2022

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway or Qingzang Railway is the world’s highest-altitude railway on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. It starts at Xining...