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Handpicked Helpful Reviews of Tibet Discovery

Below are lately handpicked reviews from our real customers who kindly shared their feedbacks on our tours and services, which may be helpful for you to know more about us. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your lovely mail.

This epidemic was badly managed by some countries, they thought just like SARs only Asian were affected.

However due to their complacency whole world faces lock down.

Good news is in China the epidemic is under control.

However due to continue epidemic tourism business are badly affected for indefinite period. I am aware personally you are affected.

How do you manage your situation.

We over here experience drop in business but not as bad as during SARs. We manage somehow through experiences to overcome this epidemic through reducing expenditure prudently. Lets us all pray for Divine intervention for mankind to globally overcome this terrible situation soon. Many thanks for your mail.



April 3, 2020

Reviews from:

Dear Wing,

It was really lovely to receive your email. Thank you. We really appreciate your concern and your help by sending us the information about protecting ourselves from COVID-19.

We are both well thank you. We are mostly staying at home as advised by our Government. We don't have full lock down but most people are staying at home unless they are still working or they have to go out to do essential things like food shopping, visiting the pharmacy or Doctor. We are still allowed to go out to exercise but all gyms are closed and most parks and beaches are now closed. Everybody 70 years and over and anyone with a chronic health condition are advised to self-isolate at home the majority of the time. 

We are following China's example. Many people are getting fines for not social distancing. The strict rules seem to be working. We will wait and see.

We hope you, your family and colleagues are well. We hope that it won't be too long before we can visit China again.

Best regards from Anne and Louis.


April 6, 2020

Reviews from:

Hi Tracy,

Great to hear from you!

We have some diving and a cruise planned the last week of April to first week of May to Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire in the Caribbean which we hope is not cancelled. We are now completing a two week ski vacation in the local mountains, and we have gotten a good work out.  Just a couple days left and we'll consider winter over.  So far, so good here...we hope to be healthy and strong when the virus visits us.  It is not smallpox, polio, or ebola but some challenge is presented. You know best about is it affecting people you know? Panic is never productive, but, challenges must be faced, especially when unavoidable. I would be interested in how you and your friends are coping with coronavirus, perhaps I can learn from you. One thing I really like about Chinese culture and society is their interest in learning from others, which I hope to do the same with you.

Remember, our house is your house if you ever come to the USA. We are booked this year as we have another two week dive vacation planned at St Kitts in the Caribbean in November. Hope to show my wife some Wudang Tai Chi next time I visit, and my son is interested in Tibet, especially Mt Everest.

Everything in God's timing, and we are always blessed to hear from you.


March 6, 2020

Reviews from:

Hi Wendy,

Replies to your questions below. You are welcome to use the attached photos on your website if you wish.

Communication from my travel consultant was excellent. Wendy, you were very helpful in setting out options for the tour, answering my questions and helping me make the right choices. She always responded promptly and with clear, concise information.

I was very happy with the tour. The guides and driver were great. My girlfriend and I both had a good time. We saw a lot of unforgettable sights in 6 days but we also had opportunity to rest and to do our own thing.


I only hope that Tibet can become easier to visit in the future while at the same time being protected from overdevelopment so it retains its unique charm and heritage. I think managed tourism is good for the local economy for everyone’s benefit.

Tibet Tour



November 27, 2019

Reviews from: The guides and driver were great

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