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Tibetan People

09 March 2016 Last updated at 15:40

  • Smiling Little Lama
    Smiling Little Lama of Tibet

In all my travels, I have never, ever met people so willing and eager to laugh. Although there are, of course, exceptions and of course people who have little to laugh about, the vast majority of people we met - whether beggars or children, lamas or shopkeepers - were almost always on the verge of a smile, if not a grin. Laughter seems to come easily to these people and the influence such a "small" thing can have on your day and your experience is absolutely enormous.

-- By David from Chicago 2001

The paragraph above probably reflects the general impression about Tibetan people among Tibet tourists.

Then, have you ever wondered why these people are so happy and smile so much even though their living conditions are tough?

What’s the secret of their strong spirit?

Forget the lousy clichés of Tibetans! Come with us and take a look into the authentic truth of Tibetan people.

They are religious people!

Most Tibetans follow Tibetan Buddhism while a few believe in the old Bon (the oldest spiritual tradition of Tibet). No matter which sect they observe, they are devout to it. Often times much of the traffic you see on Tibetan roads is made up of trucks filled with Tibetan pilgrims on their way to pilgrimage sites to erase their sins and accumulate virtue.

Driving on the roads to Lhasa or visiting tourist attractions in Lhasa, from time to time, you can see many religious and persistent Tibetan Buddhists who prostrate themselves every 3 steps from their home and keep on prostrating all the way to the holy city of Lhasa.

  • Tibetan Pilgrims Prostrating at Jokhang Temple
    Pilgrims Prostrating at Jokhang Temple
  • Tibetan Pilgrims Prostrating toward Lhasa
    Tibetan Pilgrims Prostrating toward Lhasa

They are scrupulous!

Many years ago, Tibetan Buddhists would go empty-handed, even without food or extra clothes.. With dust on their faces, with the innumerable hardships, slowly they move forward, for months, or for years, toward Lhasa. When they felt hungry or cold, they would beg and beg.

Things are little different now. A Buddhist may be designated for taking charge of food and clothes, providing convenience for his companions, but never will he be allowed to replace a prostrator. The prostrators won’t relieve their tiredness and exhaustion by negligence. They just walk and prostrate forward with determination and strong faith.

  • Smiling Tibetan Pilgrims
    Smiling Tibetan Pilgrims

Want to know more about the people of Tibet?

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