Train from China to Tibet – Qinghai Tibet Railway Experience 2017/2018!

13 April 2017 Last updated at 14:27

This is BIG: It is now possible to go to Tibet by train via the Qinghai-Tibet railway, the world's highest altitude railway. Though getting to Tibet by train takes much longer than by plane, you will witness uncountable miles of unforgettable stunning landscape that you will never see from a plane window. And this is why Tibet Railway has been the first choice for most travelers to Tibet.

There is currently train service from Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xining, Lanzhou, and Chongqing, utilizing the Qinghai-Tibet Railway line to Lhasa.

Beijing - Lhasa 3753km 40 hrs 30 mins Daily Qinghai Lake, Yangpachen Spring
Chengdu - Lhasa 3360km 43 hrs 7 mins Every other day Qinghai Lake, Changtang Grassland
Shanghai - Lhasa 4373km 47 hrs 34 mins Daily Tibetan Antelope, Tuotuohe River, Hohxil
Guangzhou - Lhasa 4980km 53 hrs 45 mins Daily Hohxil, Tibetan Antelope, Yangpachen Spring
Chongqing - Lhasa 3641km 42 hrs 13 mins Every other day Tsonag Lake, Changtang Grassland
Lanzhou - Lhasa 2188km 24 hrs 44 mins Every other day Qinghai Lake, Qarha Salt Lake
Xining - Lhasa 1960km 21 hrs 55 mins Every other day Tsonag Lake, Yangpachen Spring

Beijing Lhasa Train

Why from Beijing?

Beijing is the most popular China arrival city and gateway to Tibet. The 3,753 kilometer trip between Beijing and Lhasa covers 1,110 km over the world's highest Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Learn more details about Beijing Lhasa Train.

Beijing - Lhasa: Z21(Daily)    40 hrs 30 mins(duration)
Lhasa - Beijing: Z22(Daily)    40 hrs 50 mins(duration)
Seats: Soft sleeper / Hard sleeper

Beijing Lhasa Train Tours

Chengdu Lhasa Train

Why from Chengdu?

Train tickets are tense but it is easier to obtain tickets in Chengdu. Before heading to Lhasa, spend some time to visit the Chinese treasure - Panda. Then travel about 3,360km by train to Tibet. Check the detailed information about Chengdu Lhasa Train.

Chengdu - Lhasa: Z322(Every other day)    43 hrs 7 mins(duration)
Lhasa - Chengdu: Z324(Every other day)    44 hrs 6 mins(duration)
Seats: Soft sleeper / Hard sleeper

Chengdu Lhasa Train Tours

Shanghai Lhasa Train

Why from Shanghai?

Shanghai is one of the most convenient gateways of China to Tibet for travelers from around the world. During the journey of 4,373 kilometers, you will pass through cities, towns, snow mountais, lakes, prairie...Check the detailed information about Shanghai Lhasa Train.

Shanghai - Lhasa: Z164(Daily)    47 hrs 34 mins(duration)
Lhasa - Shanghai: Z166(Daily)    48 hrs 46 mins(duration)
Seats: Soft sleeper / Hard sleeper

Shanghai Lhasa Train Tours

Guangzhou Lhasa Train

Why from Guangzhou?

For travelers who make Hong Kong or China southeastern citiesas their arrival city, Guangzhou is an absolutely wonderful start for that special Tibet tour via Qinghai-Tibet railway. You will experience more than expected in the 4980km's train journey.

Guangzhou - Lhasa: Z264(Daily)    53 hrs 45 mins(duration)
Lhasa - Guangzhou: Z266(Daily)    55 hrs 5 mins(duration)
Seats: Soft sleeper / Hard sleeper

Check the detailed information about Guangzhou Lhasa Train.

Xining Lhasa Train

Why from Xining?

Xining is the nearest city to Lhasa. It is also the starting station of Qinghai-Tibet Railway. All trains to Lhasa will pass via Xining. So you can take flight or train from other city to Xining to catch trains. Check detailed information about Qinghai Tibet Railway.

Xining - Lhasa: Z6801(Every other day)    21 hrs 55 mins(duration)
Lhasa - Xining: Z6802(Every other day)    21 hrs 53 mins(duration)
Seats: Soft sleeper / Hard sleeper

Xining Lhasa Train Tour

Chongqing Lhasa Train

Why from Chongqing?

Every other day, there are trains running between Chongqing and Lhasa to take travelers along the 3,641km railway to their destination. If you like, you can take a Yangtze River cruise before go to Tibet.

Chongqing - Lhasa: Z223(Every other day)    42 hrs 13 mins(duration)
Lhasa - Chongqing: Z224(Every other day)    43 hrs 11 mins(duration)
Seats: Soft sleeper / Hard sleeper

Check the detailed information about Chongqing Lhasa Train.

Lanzhou Lhasa Train

Why from Lanzhou?

Lanzhou is the first main stop for Tibet trains. Every train to tibet will stop there. Only Train K917 starts from Lanzhou, and as it is only 26 hours to Tibet from Lanzhou, Lhasa is just one night away! Check the train schedule and make your journey to Tibet by train from Lanzhou.

Lanzhou - Lhasa: Z917(Every other day)    24 hrs 44 mins(duration)
Lhasa - Lanzhou: Z918(Every other day)    24 hrs 33 mins(duration)
Seats: Soft sleeper / Hard sleeper

Check the detailed information about Lanzhou Lhasa Train.