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Tibet Landscape & Photos

29 May 2015 Last updated at 04:04

The unique and splendid landscape of Tibet is one big reason why so many people are willing to stand the mountain sickness, the bad road conditions, the poor accommodations, the poverty and dust……

Tibet Namtso Lake

Tibet landscape is charming due to its outstanding characteristics and variety. Its turquoise lakes, deep valleys, emerald green forests, glittering snow mountains, changeable clouds, extensive grassland, desolate desert…… All these represent the utmost of beauty.

If your schedule allows you to tour around Tibet, rather than just staying in Lhasa, you will marvel that Tibet is not only the land of snow and mountains, but also an interesting place boasting primitive forest and a verdant sea of oilseed rape.

For more information of Tibetan scenery and photos of its natural beauty, please take a look at Tibetan Attractions.

Tibet Photo Albums

The landscape in Tibet cannot seen anywhere else in the world. Visit Tibet and explore what the closest place to heaven is really like!

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