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Tibet Festivals & Calendar 2015

18 July 2010 Last updated at 20:54

Want to know more about Tibetan culture? Then, take a glance at the time-honored Tibetan festivals. Tibetan festivals are the foundation of Tibetan folk culture, a witness of the splendid history of Tibet and the creativity of Tibetan people.

Tibetans celebrate festivals almost every month, and there might be several in a single month. Joining one would definitely make your Tibet trip sparkle! Below we list the major traditional Tibetan festivals to help you better plan your Tibet tour.

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Tibet Festivals Calendar 2015

Date on Tibetan CalendarDate on Solar Calendar 2015
Tibetan New Year (Losar)
Jan 1
Feb 19
Great Prayer Festival (Monlam)
Jan 4
Feb 22
Butter Lamp Festival
Jan 15
Mar 5
Saga Dawa Festival
Apr 15
Jun 2
Universal Prayers Festival (Zamling Chisang)
May 15
Jul 2
Holy Mountain Festival (Choekor Duechen)
Jun 4
Jul 20
Shoton Festival
Jun 30
Aug 14
Nakchu Horse Racing Festival
Jun to Jul
Aug to Sep
Bathing Festival (Karma Dunba)
Jul 6-12 (when Venus appears)
Aug 20-26
Harvest Festival (Ongkor)
Palden Lhamo Festival
Oct 15
Nob 25
Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival
Oct 25
Dec 5

Tibetan New Year (Losar)

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Butter Lamp Festival (Losar Lantern Festival)

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Saga Dawa Festival

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Shoton Festival (Yoghurt Festival)

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Bathing Festival

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Ongkor Festival (Harvest Festival)

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Horse Racing Fair and Archery Festival

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