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4 Steps to Master Tibetan Buddhist Prostration

Prostration is very popular and common in Tibetan region, especially in Tibet Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province. It is a serious of movements to worship to the Buddha popular with regular Tibetans. You may see massive prostration rituals in front of Jokhang  Temple and Potala Palce during your visiting in Tibet.

How to prostrate with correct way?

The first step: take off your shoes, and stand up facing the monastery, chapels, or the front. Then put your feet together, but don't close to much. Next fold your hands together at the height of chest. Keep the praying gesture, then raise up above your head, last touch down your crown, brow, throat and chest.

The second step: bend your waist facing the ground. Keep your parallel to the ground, then prop on the ground as the Push Ups we often do. Don't stretch your hands to straight because you have to rise up many times. In this step, you can't let your knees touch ground.

The third step: knee down slightly after your hands propping on ground steadily facing the ground. Some pilgrims always put a soft mat on ground to keep from rub and dust.

The forth step: lie your whole body down on the ground. Keep your legs fold. Some pilgrims also keep the pray gesture above head. Then stand up and prepared for the next prostration.

Buddhists believe one should prostrate at least 10,000 times during his lifetime. Jokhang Temple is the most popular place for prostration. It is always filled with devout pilgrims. Some pilgrims who are far away from Lhasa even prostrate tens of miles along the road to Lhasa.

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