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Ngari Tholing Monastery - Famous Tourist Attraction

Located in Zanda County, in the Ngari Region of Western Tibet is the Tholing Monastery buit by the second king of the Guge Kingdom in 996. Tholing was founded by Yeshi-O, an outstanding king of Guge Kingdom at the beginning of 10th century.

Thonling which means “to fly high and never fall” in Tibetan language.It was the main centre for translation of Buddhist scripturess and holding or religious ceremonies Although the monastery is faded after the collapse of the Guge Kingdom, but it still maintains an important place in Tibet after 900 years.

The structures and murals of the monastery are  much influenced by Nepalese and Indian styles, so people see Tholing Monastery as a collection of various building styles and Buddhism statues manners.Many monks, includding Atisha, the Indian Senior monk, came here to preach Buddhism.The building in the Monastery includes, halls, monks’ residences and pagodas. Jiasha, Hall, Red Hall , White Hall and the 108 Pagodas which are all woth seeing.

Location: Few minutes walk from Zhada town
Admission Fee: 80 RMB
Opening Time: Any


The Tholing Monastery lies not far from Zanda County. The Art Department Guesthouse there is about 300 m. (0.2 mi.) away. You can walk north from there. It is a bit dark in the halls, so please take along a flashlight.

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